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Kustom Ink is proud to present Vern Tardel's "Let Me Help You" series - 12 booklets of helpful reference information covering early Fords.
These booklets are the perfect back pocket reference whether hunting the swap meets for parts or working in the garage. They pack in all the information you truly DO need without the filler you don't!

CONSTRUCTION: B&W print (not counting the cover!).
PAGES: Varies.
SIZE: 139mm x 215mm.
WEIGHT: 56 to 64 grams each.
PRICE: AU$14each, includes postage (AUSTRALIA ONLY).

#12 #12 #12 #12 #12
No. 12 - Vern's Guide to Banjo Axle Quick-Change Assembly.
This new edition provides a full parts ID rundown with technical details and commentary on every part used in a quick-change, and then follows on with the assembly of the differential center, and then its assembly into a complete axle, ready to install. In this 52-page book, Vern illustrates how to make a jig to hold the Quick-Change case in a vice without damage to it, or you. He then takes you through the detailed process of backlash calibration, shimming and adjustments with plenty of tips to make for a pain-free assembly. It is a companion book to Book #11 which covers chassis, tank and suspension modification needed to install a quick-change.

No.11 - Vern's Guide to Banjo Axle Quick-Change, Frame, Tank and Suspension Modifications.
Book #11 is a 36-page, step-by-step guide to modifing a ’29 –‘34 chassis to accept a Banjo quick-change rear axle while resetting the rear ride height. Several styles of chassis conversion are fully-illustrated with handy ways to do a complete, or partial rear crossmember swap out on a ’32-’34 frame, or an effective Z-drop conversion on a Model A frame. The book also includes a chapter of notching a full tank and suspension modifications. It is a companion book to Book #12 which is all about assembly and final installation of a quick-change.

No.10 - Ford 1932-48 Banjo Differential Service and Rebuilding Guide.
This latest essential booklet on Ford Banjo differentials is now available. It runs 52 pages and offers copious detail on how-to service, restoration, repair methods and advice for putting most any Ford Banjo differential 1932 to 1948 back in service. It includes axle disassembly, axle tubing, radius rod ID, torque tube tech, axle bearing replacement, spider gear tech, pre-load setup and complete assembly instructions. Get great results using this handbook, including tips on making your own tools.
Currently, OUT OF STOCK.

#9 #9 #9 #9 #9
No.9 - Ford Generator - Service & Repair
12 Volt Conversion Guide - 40-pages - Covers Ford Flathead V8 Generator Function, Service, Adjustment, Restoration and Testing. Great for restorers of stock or Ford hot rodders to follow. Simplified and achievable results from using this handbook.
Available since: 11th March, 2014.
Currently, OUT OF STOCK.

#8 #8 #8 #8 #8
No.8 - Vern's Helpful Restoration Tips.
Saving Vintage Ford Parts. This edition offers great shop tips to help you successfully work with rusted iron and seized parts. It offers ways to save damaged thread when you don't have the right die, un-seize what seems impossible to disassemble, or take a folding hood apart without any damage, change out a bushes with simple tools, or even make a variety of engine and transmission stands for just a few dollars. Get simplified and achievable results using this handbook by making your own tools. Great for restorers of stock or Ford hot rodders to follow.

#7 #7 #7 #7 #7
No.7 - Stromberg 97 - Carburetor Service and Repair.
This comprehensive 40-page booklet, Stromberg 97 – Carburetor Service and Repair, illustrates and describes the disassembly, restoration, reassembly, and calibration of the classic Stromberg 97 carburetor. This step-by-step guide also provides an excellent overview for the repair of used Strombergs, and the required calibration and assembly techniques to make a Stromberg perform like new.
Available since: 21st February, 2012.

No.6 - Dropped Spindles - 1928-'48 Ford Installation Guide
24-pages: This guide illustrates and describes selection and techniques you need to bend a pair of dropped spindles to use with a dropped axle on your 1928-1948 Ford front suspension. It was created as a separate edition from his dropped axle book because the large amount of information, Vern felt he needed to pass on to make this seemingly difficult job easier. It shows detailed before and after images of spindles, the bending process, tools and tie rod conversion techniques. It is another must-have for any traditional hot rod builder. This step-by-step guide provides an excellent overview this complex task.

No.5 - Dropped Axle - 1928-'34 Installation Guide.
32-pages: This booklet illustrates and describes selection, disassembly, restoration and installation of a traditional dropped axle. This step-by-step guide provides an excellent overview of all the basic steps in selection of axles, kingpins, springs, perches, wishbones and shackles. It also covers assembling and installing a dropped axle in your ‘29-‘34 Ford.

No.4 - Ford Ignition - Ignition Systems for Early V8’s.
This comprehensive 44-page booklet, Ford Ignition - Ignition Systems for Early V8’s, illustrates and describes selection, disassembly, restoration, reassembly, trouble-shooting and calibration of the classic Ford Crab Cap distributor. It is a must-have for any traditional flathead engine builder. This step-by-step guide also provides an excellent overview of eight-cylinder Ford and aftermarket flathead ignition systems.
Currently, OUT OF STOCK.

No.3 - Ford Brakes - Hydraulic Brakes for Your Early Ford.
Vern Tardel's third hand book in his “Let Me Help You” series is a comprehensive 40-page booklet. It illustrates and describes selection of OEM parts needed, trouble-shooting and installation of hydraulic brakes on any ‘29 through ‘37 Ford. It is a must-have for any traditional hot rod builder.

No.2 - Ford Transmission - Service & Repair.
29-pages: A step-by-step explanation of the process of selecting and rebuilding a early Ford Transmission! Lots of photographs makes the once daunting task of building a transmission easy!
Currently, OUT OF STOCK.

No.1 - Ford Steering - Service, Repair & Modification.
24-pages: From helping you shop smart for a good Ford steering box, through rebuild and adjustment, to modifying it to fit your hot rod, this booklet is your swap-meet pal and workshop buddy. Lots of good sources for parts as well.
Currently, OUT OF STOCK.