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These saltillos and falza blankets are ALL MADE IN MEXICO. They are the real deal, not imitations. They are extremely colour-fast in full sun and hard wearing.

The saltillo blankets all feature loose white tassles at each end of the blankets (not on the sides) and are full colour on BOTH sides.

The falza blankets are a thicker, coarser weave than the saltillos but feature a less vibrant colour mix. They are available in matching pairs if desired, depending on availablility. They also feature loose white tassles at both ends and are full colour both sides.
Please note that the falza blankets are more susceptible to being alternative shades than the saltillo blankets, but we will always send you a photo of available stock options when you order for your approval.

SIZE: 2000mm x 1400mm.
PRICE: $80 each, including postage (Australia Only).
MATERIAL: Acrylic cotton polyester blend.
STOCK STATUS (December 17, 2022): Blue, red and grey fully stocked.

blue red grey

Nominate preferred colour

SIZE: 2190mm x 1590mm.
PRICE: AU$85 each, including postage (Australia Only).
MATERIAL: Acrylic.
STOCK STATUS (August 6, 2023): ALL colours currently IN STOCK.

black blue green red yellow

Nominate preferred colour
Second colour option

SIZE: 2190mm x 1590mm.
PRICE: AU$85 each, including postage (Australia Only).
MATERIAL: Acrylic.
STOCK STATUS (August 6, 2023): Grey/black out of stock.

blackblue royalblueturquoise greenyellowblack gray red

Nominate preferred colour

FITTING: Depending on your application, a pair of SMALL Saltillos will cover a bench seat in something like a 50s pickup, wagon or sedan: one for the base and one for the backrest.

If you don't need two separate blankets (no seat belts!), a LARGE blanket will easily cover a full bench seat in the same car. Otherwise, you can cut a pair of slots in the blanket where seat buckles need to exit.

Alternately, if you just need to throw a blanket into an A coupe, then a MEDIUM Saltillo will do the job with a couple of cuts for the belt buckles.

Importantly, we DO NOT RECOMMEND that these blankets be used to trim seats or door panels with. Why? Because the material is simply not made for this use. Automotive trimming doesn't come cheap, so use proper automotive upholstery and save the blankets for throwing over the seats to protect them.
Can't see what you like? Email us a description or preference of what you'd like and we'll get a pic of what may be most suitable for you to choose from out of our current stock.

PLEASE NOTE: This page is constantly evolving to reflect new stock, designs and colours.