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The 1927 T Roadster Project....

The contruction of my own personal project (a Cadillac-powered 1927 T roadster) will be documented (in pics) here......hopefully!!

The aim for this project is to contruct a hot rod with the ideal of occasional competition, i.e. a racer for the street. Particular inspiration for the build and styling is coming from late-40s lakes racing, hence, no frills, but thoughtful construction.

There will be NO air-conditioning, power-steering, independepent or 4-bar front-end, frameless glass, radial tyres, mag-wheels, whitewalls, late-model disc brakes, Falcon (or the like) steering column, stereo, blah, blah, blah.....I'm buildin' an old car...not a new Commodore!


May 30, 2006: Well, not much construction-wise, but a little bit closer to just getting everything in one place. Just missing the engine and the stuff in Fresno. Otherwise, there's a damn heap of parts spread all over my garage floor! Started just cleaning up a bit of metal on the cowl and doors but that's about it. The molasses dip has been pressed back into service so when the time comes, I'll have clean rust-free parts when I want them. Thanks to Steen and Corey for the parts delivery service!

January 4, 2006: A huge leap forward! The project has taken a major step parts-wise thanks to acquirement of a HEAP of parts...including chassis rails (Chev), cowl, doors, crossmembers (Ford), engine blocks (Ford), gearbox, springs, bones, brakes and some wheels, plus other odd-and-ends. This was the "remains" of a project that I will push and twist my way to get finished. Unfortunately, until I move house AGAIN, all parts remain in storage. Special thanks to Graham, Mark, Robin, Steen and Mudguts!

October 31, 2005: Rebuilt LaSalle trans acquired.

October 21, 2005: That damned crossover found it's way into the bin, thanks to a spare that came with the '38 Cadillac block. Dropped in some new plugs and rotor button, but need to sort a bit of wiring before anything else happens. More important to have a relaxing beer on a Friday night...

October 16, 2005: Bought a stack of chassis parts to move this project along a hell of a lot further. Pics to come when the stuff is in my hands. Includes rails, crossmembers, bones, axles, brakes, steering boxes, wheels and a few body pieces.

July 10, 2005: Put a LaSalle in your Ford!

It couldn't have been an easier job if we tried: 1 XR8, 1 500kg hoist from Kennard's Hire and a glorious Sunday made for a quick lift. The LaSalle now has a new home, tucked away in the dry, safe confines of a southern Victorian stronghold of performance engineering. With a few broken plugs and that god-awful exhaust crossover to begin with, there's a few things to change before we fire it back into life. That day will come soon...

The LaSalle is loaded and strapped in to the XR8

July 3, 2005:

I've tracked down and acquired a "new" motor, with help from a friend with a sympathetic ear! It's a 1937 LaSalle. These things come in at 322 cubic inches and push 125bhp.
It actually sits even better in my plans than the 346, which was missing a good deal of parts and required a complete rebuild anyway, but, unfortunately, the LaSalle wasn't a $50 special this time around! The Cad should be able to yield a few parts to the LaSalle though.
The story behind this motor is that it was (and still is set up to work as) a lighting generator. It may never have even been in a car, so who knows, I could be the first one to put it in one!

LaSalle 322

Acquired initially:
- 1938 LaSalle flathead V8, plus military distributor;
- dual 97s mounted on a custom-modified LaSalle intake manifold;
- 1938 LaSalle transmission;
- 1927 T roadster body (formerly a track car, currently in Fresno, CA), plus spare cowl and doors;
- front bones (long forgotten which year!);
- rear A crossmember and A spring;
- 1938 LaSalle diff (later to possibly be swapped out for a quick-change, hence the A spring);
- 1938 LaSalle banjo steering wheel;
- a plethora of old cheapo Stewart Warner guages;
- Guide headlights, circe 1948, courtesy of REO and White trucks;
- assorted front drum brakes, and;
- 16" solid rims.