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Through our direct relationships with the publishers listed below Kustom Ink is able to supply a reliable source of magazines that you can depend on without the need to order each time a new issue arrives. A Prepaid Subscription also safeguards you against future price rises for the duration of your subscription.

And just like our regular orders, we don't skimp on packaging (like crappy vac-sealed slips!) just to make it cheaper. All mags post in heavyweight card envelopes, not lightweight paper or Australia Post "tough bags".

PLEASE NOTE: These subscriptions are ONLY available to Australian residents (with the exception of GKM). All prices INCLUDE postage.


ALERT! Due to a change in shipping charges resulting in a HEFTY price increase, new DicE subscriptions are cancelled until we can ascertain the ongoing level of interest in the title. All DicE sales will revert to individual purchases until further notice. I apologise immensely for this as I haven't been able to negotiate a better deal for you guys.


Kustom Ink can supply you with the latest issues of Greasy Kulture. We've been supplying GKM since it's first issue too, just like DicE.

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Kustoms Illustrated Subscriptions

Kustoms Illustrated, straight to your letterbox. The only subscription supply in Australia for the only kustoms-only magazine in the world.

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Speed & Kulture Magazine subscriptions will be available in Australia soon...