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ORIGIN: South Bend, Indiana, USA
SIZE: 217mm x 280mm.
DESCRIPTION: Exotica Moderne is a quarterly publication showcasing the new tiki and lowbrow art and artists, exotic cocktails, kustom kulture, music and more. Focusing on where these genres have been and where they are heading, Exotica Moderne features emerging artists as well as those spearheading these movements. Where all of these subcultures meet and intersect, Exotica Moderne covers next wave of tiki and lowbrow art.

INTERNATIONAL RESIDENTS: We DO post internationally from Australia. The prices below only apply to Australia-based residents. Postage to the US (or elsewhere) is AU$13.50 for 1 copy (AU$20 for 2 copies), which is an additional charge. When you place your order, we will send you a Paypal request for the additional postage charge.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to a change of heart by the publisher, we are no longer able to bulk purchase Exotica Moderne at wholesale, so issue 11 is our final issue as a supplier. I sincerely apologise to everyone of you that has supported this title both here in Australia and overseas.

Exotica Moderne Magazine. Issue 11. 2021
Includes exclusive bonus CD "This is Vintage Now: Vol.2" featuring Purdy & The Red White and Blues Band of the Royal Airforce - Laura Ainsworth - Sue Raney - Robert Drasnin - Tayla Ferro - Alika Lyman Group - Barry Morgan - The Tiki Delights - Sad Salamanders - Sunday Combo - Kenny Sasaki & The Tiki Boys - Sarah Jane & The Blue Notes. Magazine contents: Moving In Stereo - My Year Inside The Waters House Of Tiki - The Exotic Art of Woody Miller - David Gastin Interview (Producer of "This Is Vintage Now" CD) - Artist: Donna Mibus - Tiki Time Machine: The China Trader - Tiki Underground (Ohio) - Miss Pinup Miami - Tiki Tidbits.
Available: July 17, 2021.

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Exotica Moderne Magazine. Issue 10. 2021
Moving In Stereo - The Punk Rock and Tiki Connection - A Deeper Meaning To Tiki - Artist: Kat Reeder - A Thirst For Tiki - Private Oasis Spotlight: Kimo's Hu-La-La Lounge - Yma Sumac: The Peruvian Songbird Endures - Tiki Time Machine: Don the Beachcomber - The Ohio Tiki Tour - Tarantula Tiki Lounge - Tiki Tidbits.
Available: April 10, 2021.

Exotica Moderne Magazine. Issue 9. 2020
Moving In Stereo - Indy Tiki - Tiki Tiki Tuk Tuk - Hi-Tide Recordings - Artist: Christine Benjamin - Tiki Bar Head Hunter: Japan - What's a Tikiphile To Do Now? - Tim Mayer: Exotica Musician - Tiki Arachnids, German Style! - The Essence of Tiki - Come and Go Hawaiian - Tiki Tidbits.
Available: November 18, 2020.

Exotica Moderne Magazine. Issue 8. 2020.
It's here! Be quick though as USPS managed to destroy the box and most of the magazines, so there's only a handful in new condition.
Available: August 24, 2020.

Exotica Moderne Magazine. Issue 7. 2020.
Unfortunately, we didn't get the opportunity to import this issue. No copies are available from the publisher, so we apologise to all our fantastic customers that we've let down.

Exotica Moderne Magazine. Issue 6. 2020.

Available: January 31, 2020.

Exotica Moderne Magazine. Issue 5. 2019.

Available: 26th September, 2019.

Exotica Moderne Magazine. Issue 4. 2019.

Available: 15th June, 2019.

Exotica Moderne Magazine. Issue 3. Winter 2019.
A palm Tree Grows in New York: A Tiki Tour Of The Big Apple - Artist: Tom "Bigtoe" Laura - When World's Collide: The Making Of a Coctail Tome - The bahi Hut Lounge: Sarasota's Intimate Spot To Meet Since 1954 - The House That Tabu Built: An Interview with Ken Holewczynski - Mistress Of The Exotic: Kalani Kokonuts - Burning Down The House: The Inferno Room - Return To Blood Island: A Film Review - Punk Rock Paradise: Psycho Suzi's Motor Lodge - Wicked Wahine #1: Avedon "Hip Tiki" Arcade.

Available: 5th March, 2019.

Exotica Moderne Magazine. Issue 2. Fall 2018.
Cover Artist: Ventura's Tiki Tony Murphy - The intricate figurative work of Dean Hacker - Artist: Sheryl Schroeder - Jeff Chenault interview with Plas Johnson - Music: Vibra Cubana - Private Oasis: Kenn and Jennifer Watson's "Lumi La Lounge" - Fantasy Island: A Weekend of Tiki Kon - Jay Malone once again joins us with a feature on the tiki-laden comic book, "Hawaiian Dick," - Adrift Tiki Bar - Mixed Up: Cocktail Recipes.

Available: 10th November, 2018.

Exotica Moderne Magazine. Issue 1. Summer 2018.
DSK Designs: David Krys - Popping the bubble on tiki inclusivity - Beautifully Tacky: Kymm Bang - Tiki Joe: Tales From The Lounge Exotica - Mark "Topes" Thompson - Tiki-Noir in Fritz Lang's "While The City Sleeps" - King Tut's Doom - Marquesan Maiden.

Available: 9th September, 2018.