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ORIGIN: Portland, OR, USA.
FREQUENCY: Quarterly.
DESCRIPTION: TIKI Magazine & More continues on from the hugely successful TIKI Magazine but with a new publisher and owner (Amy Boylan), new editor (Jeff Kunkle) and new art director (Tom Kline) plus new contributors as well as long established contributors from days past. The magazine also includes an additional focus on mid-century modern culture.

TIKI Magazine & More. Issue 9.

AVAILABLE SINCE: September 6, 2016.

TIKI Magazine & More. Issue 8. (Winter 2015/2016)

AVAILABLE SINCE: April 29, 2016.
PRICE: $14 each, including shipping {Australia only}.

TIKI Magazine & More. Issue 7. (Fall 2015)
An Ode To The Pizz - Danny Gallardo: A Devilishly Talented Artist - The Happiest Bartender on Earth: Kelly Merrell - The Spice of Serrano - The Shameful Tiki Room - Bike To...The Planet Of The Apes! - Tim "Swanky" Glazner's Hapa haole Hideaway - Tiki Pioneer: Delores Hodges (Queen of Exotica) - Tiki Tunes: Talking Tikiyaki - Tiki On Screen - Collector's Corner: The Kon-Tiki Story, Chapter 2 - Duk-DukTiki Party Hat & Centrepiece - Fall Holiday Treats - An Argument for Tropical Drinks in Winter.
AVAILABLE SINCE: December 2, 2015.

TIKI Magazine & More. Issue 6. (Summer 2015)

AVAILABLE SINCE: August 27, 2015.
PRICE: $12 each, including shipping {Australia only}.

TIKI Magazine & More. Issue 5. (Winter 2014.)


TIKI Magazine & More. Issue 4. (Winter 2014.)
Event Coverage: Tiki Oasis 4/Surf Guitar 101/Monsters & Mai Tais/Tiki Wonderland - Festival of the Lights Float Build – Down On the Farm: The Ongoing Dance of Traditional Vs Whimsical A Mermaid Christmas Tale - Cover Artist: Woody Miller - Longitude Bar (Oakland) - Grass Skirt Tiki Room - The Kahiki Supper Club - Totally Tikified: Jon & Don Barnett – Tiki Pioneer: Georges "Toti" Terorotua (Tahitian Drum Master) - Growin' Up Tiki: Siuoxzan Perry - Collectors Corner: The Mai Kai - Let’s Create Tiki: Tiki Ornaments – Tiki Home Improvements: Building Your Own Volcano - Holiday Cocktails.
AVAILABLE SINCE: January 21, 2015.

TIKI Magazine & More. Issue 3. (Fall 2014.)
Event Coverage: Tiki Caliente 6 / The Hukilau / American Cinematheque’s Tiki Night 10th Anniversary / Ohana Luau At The Lake – Down On the Farm: Tiki Farm – The Summer of Sven: The Lost Continent of Tiki – Tiki Pop In Paris: An American Story – Remembering the Coco Palms Resort – Rolly Crump: The Weirdest One of All – Totally Tikified: Dan & Wendy Cevola – Tiki Pioneer: Barney Lee – Tiki Tunes: Jason Lee/ Gene Rains/The Alika Lyman Group / The Tikiyaki Orchestra returns – Tiki On Screen: Omoo Omoo The Shark God (1949)/ Kona Coast (1968) – Ruby Montana’s Coral Sands Inn – Don Wexler & More – Let’s Create Tiki: Stamping – Featured Cocktail: Navy Grog – Tiki Table: Spam Musubi.
AVAILABLE SINCE: September 17, 2014.

TIKI Magazine & More. Issue 2. (Summer 2014.)

AVAILABLE SINCE: June 12, 2014.

TIKI Magazine & More. Premier Issue. (Spring 2014.)
Tonga Hut Palm Springs - Artist: Eric October - Asian Modern - Tiki On Screen: South Seas Drive-in Theater (Hawaii Calls (1938) & Paradise Hawaiian Style (1966) - Tiki Tunes: The Backyard Luau Edition - Destination: The Sip 'n Dip Lounge - Doctor Funk: A Real Polyesian Cocktail Story - The Park at the Palisades - The Origins of the Mainland Tiki Movement - Interview: Blair Reynolds - Featured Coctails: "Pupule/Nui Nui" and "Volcan For One" - Tiki Table: Portugese Caldo Verde - Tiki Comics: "Bamboo Ben" and "The Islander.
AVAILABLE SINCE: May 31, 2014.