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ORIGIN: United Kingdom
FREQUENCY: No longer stocked.
DESCRIPTION: The world’s finest, most glamorous, most colourful, most informative, global-reaching go fast, turn left magazine. All right, the world’s only go fast, turn left magazine. The place where every weekend is a dirty weekend.

#22 #22 #22 #22
Sideburn #22
Rancho Deluxe Olympiad - Kenny Coolbeth Jr. - Speed Merchant's Harley 750 racer - Icon 1975 BMW R90/6 - Icon Motorsports - How To Crash And Walk Away - Artist: Emroca - Vincent Priestley's BSA B33 bitsa - Ron Wood's Rotax - Michael Zehner's Mule-built Triumph Bonneville - Dirt Quake USA - Scrambled: Troy Bayliss - Redmax XR1000 framer - Travis Newbold: 11 Reasons I'll never forget Pikes Peak - Hot Carl - Trophy Queens.
Available: October 6, 2014.

#21 #21 #21 #21
Sideburn #21
***New biggger format*** Harley WR DTRA racer - Greg Hancock: Speedway Champ quizzed - Weirbach: Why a flat-track race bike looks like it does - Top Trup: Dakar Weapon from Bavaria - Core Function: The philosophy behind Kriega kit - Get Schooled: How to grab the holeshot - Vince Perraud: Two-wheels photo portfolio - Desert-X Fox Busch Brothers Yamaha DT400 - Blueprint: Tech inspection of the Shell Yamaha XS750 - Little And Large: The extremes of Del Mar - Race Prep A Sportster: Road bike to track bike - New Brutalism: Dirty KTM650 Duke - Little Fauss & Big Halsy: Redford's bike flick dissected - Tracy Triumph: Ornamental Conifer's new ride - The Magenta Line: Leading Sideburn readers into the Sahara - Trophy Queen: Doug Chandler, Ascot 1987.
Available: June 15, 2014.
Price: $18. FREE postage.

#20 #20 #20 #20
Sideburn #20

Available: April 1, 2014.
Price: $14. FREE postage.

#19 #19 #19 #19
Sideburn #19
Lennard Schuurmans cover - Ronin road test - Speed Merchant Thresher Harley 500 at Perris - Sammy Halbert interview - Mutant Honda Bros DTRA racer - Dirt Quake III heroes - FTWCo and Jeff Wright - Tai Woffinden - Speedway World Champ misfit - Hodaka History - The Grey Coffin - Bultaco - Hell on Wheels Japan event report....Plus Top Trump, Travis's poem and Mark Brelsford's Trophy Queen.
Available: December 11, 2014.

#18 #18 #18 #18
Sideburn #18
Dirt Quake USA - Guy Martin's turbo assault on Pikes Peak - Skip Aksland interview and 1970s photo archive - Benderwerks Dirt Shovel on Lake Michigan - 1960s AJS Desert Racing Memories - 2014 Bonneville Performance GNC blueprint and story by Richard of Mule Motorcycles - XR750 on the Road! Tested by Isle of Man TT winner Mark Miller - XR750 on the Mile! Springfield Mile virgin races Harley V-twin - Inside Brat Style.
Price: $14. FREE postage.

#17 #17 #17 #17
Sideburn #17
Sideburn's exclusive report from Valentino Rossi's Ranch - Brad Baker interview - The Salem Riders: Portland's budget flat track scene - Ann-Margret - Roland Sands KTM 690 Street tracker - The Making of Mad Max - Mad Max essay by Alex Cox - 1960s truck-jumping stuntman, The Flying Irishman - The photographer of Yve Assad - Metisse Triumph flat tracker - BSA Trackmaster technical drawings - Zaeta by Maxwell Paternoster.....Plus poetry and Trophy Queen.
Available: 15th May, 2014.
Price: $14. FREE postage.

#16 #16 #16 #16
Sideburn #16
El Solitario Petardo - the history of the Harley XR750 - 1970s flat track memories - Jim Rice - Kenny Roberts - Suzuki Savage LS650 tracker - modified Royal Enfields going wild in the Himalayas - 450cc Formula 2 Speedway prototypes - The Barbara Fritchie Classic - Bixente BSA........Plus poetry and Trophy Queen
Available: 6th February, 2014.

#15 #15 #15 #15
Sideburn #15
Stevie Gee’s 1982 Kawasaki Z200 (cover bike) – Nicky Hayden – Giant Killer; Bryan Smith’s Crosley Kawasaki – Ninja Vs HOG – Rule The Pool – An Intro to UK Flat track – Anthony Brown: Why I Run A Race Series – Rive Gauche Kustoms CX500 – Champion Yamaha TZ700 – Triple Nickel: Stacie London’s Bultaco racer – 1956 Gilera 300B – Chopper Dave’s turbo street tracker 2006 Sportster – Trophy Queen: Skip Van Leeuwen.
Available: 28th November, 2013.
Price: AU$13 (includes GST and postage in Australia ONLY).

#14 #14 #14 #14
Sideburn #14
The cover feature is Earle Motors' game-changing Ducati ridden exclusively for Sideburn by GNC racer Kayl Kolkman at Perris - El Solitario's 450 BMW Boxer - Scorpions flat track Honda CB350 - Thor Drake's Honda 90 - Sang-Froid $200 multi-discipline Yamaha DT1 racer/tourer - SWM trial bike barn find - 1970s Italian scrambling - Benelli 650 Trackmaster - Bultaco Astro - 1924 Harley-Davidson 8-valve racer - Dirt Quake II - poetry - Interview with Joe Kopp - Trophy Queen.
Available: 4th August, 2013.
Price: AU$12 (includes GST and postage in Australia ONLY).

#13 #13 #13 #13
Sideburn #13
Bottpower XR-1 - Mert Lawwill - Redmax new Norton - ReBorn SR250 - Big-Tube Wood Norton - Hard Nine Indian Sport Scout - GNC mechanic inside line - The art of Conrad Leach - Desert riding in 1960s Triumphs with The Vintagent - Steve Eklund - Once a Jolly Swagman movie essay - A middle-aged rookie's guide to racing - poetry and the Trophy Girl.
Available: 4th April, 2013.

#12 #12
Sideburn #12
Special 10-page Death Spray Custom section - Project K Racing's KTM 1000cc GNC racer - Interviews with Mert Lawwill and 1970/80s privateer legend Steve Morehead - 2010 Triumph Tiger frozen lake funbike - Trackmaster Triumph street tracker - El Solitario's sexy Ducati single streetbike, Chupito - Classic Ossa ST-1 short track weapon - A dossier of incredible 1970s speedway photos - Classics in the Sahara with Scram Africa - The story (and photo) of the craziest dirt track crash in history - John Kocinski's Perris pulverising Honda 250 framer - GNC racing's most FAQs answered - Trophy Queen and a brand new poetry page.
Available: 6th August, 2012.

#11 #11 #11
Sideburn #11
Paulo Chiaia's Zaeta motorcycles - Bubba Shobert: Who? What? When? Why? How? - Dirt Quake - El Del Poncho - Nico Covatti - David Aldana - Tales of the Southern Ocean - Anatomy of an XR750 - Cujo: Thor Drake's 1975 Yamaha DT400 - Krazy Horse 1458cc sportser - Motorpacers - The Roland Sands Design Hurley Sportster - The Man Behind The Bubble:Lenny Schuurmans - The one and only: Bill Gately of Bonneville Performance - Bleekers:Tejimi Shinichi - Trophy Queen: Skip Aksland.
Available: 6th August, 2012.

Sideburn #10
SWM Silver Track 340: 21st Century two-stroke - Chris Carr: Who? What? When? Why? How? - Lewis Wharton Snr. - Grauch!: Spanish Radical Yamaha - Fashion Victimisation: Jason's 1940 Indian Sport Scout - Northern Soul: Flat Track Finnish Style - Lucky Don big buck Bultaco - Pike Peak Hill Climb - Roadside Chat with Briar Bauman - Danny "Hard Nine" Schneider's new Triumph tigercub - Sideburn's Project Enfield - HWZNBROSS: Japanese Beach Boys - The Making Of "On Any Sunday" - Boneshaker trials-style Sportster - Trophy Queen: Jim Odom.
Available: 27th March, 2012.

Sideburn #9
Johnny Lewis's guide to surviving GNC - Jay Springsteen: Who? What? When? Why? How? - Bikenstein - Luyckx Racer - Rider Owner - Travis Newbold: rider, poet, hero - Scotty Stopnik and his high-flying T110 - Honda's legendary RS750 - Japanese DIY flat track - Wine Corks and Malt Vinegar: Maxwell's BSA - Big Ass Engine In a Skinny Ass Chassis: The Bostrom Brothers' Gregg's Customs R1 street Tracker - Sixth Street Racing: Hugh Mackie and the New York City flat track scene - Trophy Queen: Bubba Shobert.
Available: 17th November, 2011.

Sideburn #8
Steve Red Max's Nortaco - Scott Parker: Who? What? When? Why? How? - Warzone: The Story of Armed Forces Racing - Red Marley Freak Hillclimb - Kenny Coolbeth's Guide to TTs - Showtime at Circle Frost - Gary Nixon - Danny "Hard Nine" Schneider's Triumph tigercub - DIY Dirt Track! - Blitz motorcycles - Streetmaster - Jens vom Brauck's Ducatis - Trophy Queen: Ralph White.
Available: 27th October, 2011.
Price: AU$12 (includes GST and postage in Australia ONLY).

Sideburn #7
Husky:The Krook Street Racer - Eddie Lawson: Who? What? When? Why? How? - Click:The photos & memories of Roger Falasco - 6.5 Facts about Seb's XS - Outlaw:THe craziest bike to ever race in the GNC - Julie Wood:French comic heroine talking Dutch - Z970:Big-bore Wrench Monkee snow-mobile - Underdog:Bryan Smith's Kawasaki Mile-mauler - Escape Artists:Tokyo Shop Animal Boat - 44 Exclusive:Alex Jorgensen interview - Homer Knapp:Racing the same bike for 50 years - Bike Vs Car Vs Horse - The Art of Carby Tuckwell - Brands Hatch + XR1200 Vs Roland Sands - Trophy Queen:King Edward & The Outer Space Girl.
Available: 21st March, 2011.

Sideburn #6
Contents include: AMA hardman Sammy Halbert’s guide to winning a fistfight in a phonebooth; cult director Alex Cox writing about Rollerball and Sideburn creating our own Rollerball team; Gene Romero; M&M’s – the Japanese street tracker master; the greatest garage in the world; Ken Fox Wall of Death; AJS 500 street tracker; Indian board tracker (still being raced on the flat tracks now); Sideburn’s own project Death Spray Custom Honda FT 500; Sara’s Triumph and Boastie’s Suzuki SV650 framer… 100 pages of goodness, printed in England on heavyweight paper with a matt laminated cover and spot UV varnish highlights. What? No comprende the printer jargon? It doesn’t matter, it’s good stuff, trust us.
PLUS: free A3-size Sideburn Rollerball poster.
Available: 20th September, 2010

Sideburn #5
Ass Kickers: Nichole Cheza & Shayna Texter - Gold Star: Jason's C&J Rotax - Dave Aldana: Who? What? When? Why? How? - HOW: Yamaha-powered Indian - Transition: Jake Johnson (cover star) - Late Bloomer: Joe Walker's WR45 - Tiger Annual 1976: Tallon Of The Track - Smoking Seagulls: Cult Crossbred 'crossers - Cay Broendum's BSA B40 - Graziano Rossi (yes, Valentino's dad) and the Zaeta - Iskallt: Swedish GSX-R frozen lake racers - Made In England: Quality Threads & Brit Iron - Chopper Dave's "11x" street racer - Private Shop: Alan Bellham Speedway Service - Iron Maiden: Frances Helen Taylour - Dimitri's TR^C street tracker - Trophy Queen: Don Emde & Ascot arm-candy.
Available: 27th April, 2010
Price: AU$12 (includes GST and postage in Australia ONLY).

Sideburn #4
How TO Win The Sprigfield Mile - Don Castro: Who? What? When? Why? How? - Nikki Di Blasi's '79 Kawasaki KZ400 - One Arm Is Enough: Jason Griffin - Husquarley - Per Amore: Marco Belli - Juicy Brucey: Speedway's wheelie king - Boner Brigade: Death Spray Customs's XS650 - The Phantom EG - Riverside Bombers: Thrill-seeking WWII vets - Super Mono: Orlando Bloom's Oz-built special - Snow Patrol with Valentino Rossi - Dai Jobu: A Night On The Town - The Red Menace: Ducati crashes the AMA party - Wayne Karcich: Ripping up Las Vegas - A Way Out: Rouserworks' knobbly chop - Kin Brilliant: The Botroms' family album - Trophy Queen: John Hateley custard pie fight.
Available: 27th April, 2010
Price: AU$12 (includes GST and postage in Australia ONLY).

Sideburn #3
Mule: No donkey cross-breed - Dick Mann: Who? What? When? Why? How? - Scorpions: Scorching in the desert - Fresh Donuts: Ripping up a UK Beach - Handlebar Derby: Ripping up a US Beach - Psychedelic Pedestal: Dead Head Paul Herman - WR Factory Racer - Good Wood: Ron Wood Rants - D.I.Y Hot Shoe - Stockholm Rockets - Mees Mees Mees: Jared Mess (cover star) - Tangerine Dream: Chrome DOES get you home - A Life Less Ordinary: Craig Randall's scrapbook - Trophy Girl: Dave Aldana's prize winnings.
Available: 27th April, 2010
Price: AU$12 (includes GST and postage in Australia ONLY).

Sideburn #2

Heavy Metal: Antisocial XR - Smokin': Cigarette Racers - Pruczinski: Flat Tracking Super Nanny - The Great Indoors: Houston Astrodome - Great Indoors II: Shithole Warehouse - Danish Monkees: Wheel-spinning pastry chefs - Mutton Chops: Real men wear real hair - King Kenny: 2 exclusive Roberts interiews - Flakes SR: More Japanese street style - Adolescents: Crossing a continent on sportsters - Kawaguchi Panto: Tarmac martial arts - Build 'Em Clean: Max Schaaf (21st-century hero) - Sex Change: Post-op Transalp - Trophy Girl: Gary Nixon's prize winnings.
Was Available: 27th April, 2010