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Hot Rod Revue is a collection of short films featuring stories of New Zealand's hot rod culture.

Hot Rod Revue. Volume 3.
Featuring Royals Car Club, Jammin Gears, Toy Collector - John Lisle, Linesman - Charlie Allen, Chopped Australia, Evolution/Devolution - Chris Mangan's A Roadster, Road Less Travelled - Chris Berkhan's Willys Coupe, Misled Youth - Kane Crackett's A Phaeton, Devil in the Details - Aaron Carson's trad T, Orpwood Family Hot Rod Co, Universal Roadster - Dan Tyler's A Roadster, Rebel Round Up.
Running time: 107 minutes.
Format: PAL. ALL regions.
Available: October, 2017.
PRICE: ***ON SALE*** Now, just AU$22, including postage (Australia Only), until sold out.

Note: FLASH player is required.

"The South."
Hot Rod Revue: The South is a collection of thirteen features filmed in New Zealand's South Island. Over an hour of New Zealand's southern hot rod and custom culture captured in High Definition!

Featuring: Cogstripper: John Gillman's A Roadster - Knightmoves: Grant Findley's Custom '50 Buick - Mad Man: Craig Stare and the Muscle Car Madness car show - Do Up Deuce: Bevan Bennett's hemi powered 32 Coupe - Old Gold: Tony Meester's 60s style 34 Coupe - Galog Brothers Shed - Home Built High Boy: Brian Hall's A Roadster - The Other Stuart Special: Bryce Stuart's 40s styled 34 Coupe - Homegrown Hot Rods: Tim Locker's shed full of old Fords - 40 Deluxe: Gary Underwood's 40 Deluxe Tudor - Ricky Murray: Panelbeater, Fabricator, Life Coach - Spun By Hutty: Phil Hutty on Metalspinning
Music: D.A. Sebastian and the Inner Demons, Charlie Greaser, and Kill Switch...Klick.
Running time: 67 minutes.
Format: PAL. ALL regions.
Available: 26th August, 2014.

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