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ORIGIN: Australia
SIZE: 210mm x 273mm.
DESCRIPTION: Produced by local photographer Stefan Berg, Gas Magazine is one of the finest first efforts I've ever seen go to print. Absolutely superb quality layout, print and photography make a first issue that should NOT be passed over by any self-respecting hot rod literature fan.

Gas Magazine. Issue 03.
Hayden’s Model A coupe as shot by Aaron Develyn - Robert Atkinson’s stunning ’40 Chevy coupe - Johnny Branch’s Revell Kit Bike Panhead chopper - Artist and publisher Zombie's insane artworks - Mosh on the Queen Mary - Aaron Stein's beautiful Model A coupe - Jeff Calleja's period-correct 32 highboy coupe - Gonz Lab Liberator Rolls-Royce V12 Project salt racer - Richard Dabbs’ “Brown Sugar” Model A tudor.

Price: AU$24.90, including postage (Australia only).
Available: 30th November, 2018.

Gas Magazine. Issue 02.
Cover shot of Mat Egan's slammed 54 Ford. AKA The Candy Rocketship. Also in this issue the Suavecito Sosa Metal Works Indian, Sean Hammond's A coupe, Bonneville Speed Week, RCCRC Reliability Run, Swifty's T, Tom Foster's 52 Chevy, Bob Merkt's roadster, and more!

Price: AU$24.90, including postage (Australia only).
Available: 3rd September, 2018.

Gas Magazine. Issue 01.
Premier issue features Noble Fabrication’s radically chopped 55 Mercury, Austin Speed Shops 55 Chevy, Chopped Rod and Custom Show, Mat Egan’s flamed Shoebox, inside the Gonzlab. A photo set with Michelle Minx and another set with Eagles of Death metals Jesse Hughes. We take a high speed run to Texas with Alex Gambino and Interview Mad Fabricator Piero De Luca. We also check out Richard Dabbs A Model Chassis build, and take a look inside Kiwi Kevs Shed.

Available: 30th April, 2016.