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ORIGIN: San Francisco, USA.
DESCRIPTION: Garage represented the best in the hot rod culture - cool cars, genuine hotrodders, great events, the race tracks and drag strips, cool fashion, great photography, wicked music.....seriously good quality and an excellent read. These guys were dedicated to what they were doing with Garage and it shows.

UNITED STATES CUSTOMERS: Postage for a single issue of Garage to the U.S. adds an additional AU$18.00 to your order.

Garage #21
128 pages, full-size, glossy full-colour - Contents: Chicks Rule Issue!! Garage gal Bridget Blonde grips it hard - Keeping the flame with Rae Gabelich - Mendy Fry: nitro kitty burns some rubber - WASP fly girl Deanie Parrish - Bambi Jones: feelin' it old school -Mortal words with Shelley Jackson - Wonder woman Renee Schroder, plus more!
PRICE: AU$15 (includes postage in Australia only).

Garage #20
128 pages, full-size, glossy full-colour

Garage #19
128 pages, full-size, glossy full-colour.

Garage #18
128 pages, full-size, glossy full-colour - Contents: Keep the Flame - Drive She Said - Max Schaaf's Book - Test Drive - 20 Questions: Ian Barry & Jason Lee - Music: Ted Nugent - Rant - Skratch Pad: Bobber vs. Pose-engers - Garage Gal Shoot - Andy Douglas: 35 years in the Trunk - Zach Reynolds - Cap Coleman - Skank Kid: Shawn Kerri - I Can't Write My Own Product Descriptions - ZZ Top's Eliminator - Aaron Strickland.

Garage #17
Travelling Circus: Bob Gerdes & the full trip of Circus Paint - Charmed Life: Tattoo John - The Purple People Eater - 20 Questions: Susan Bernard and Dita Von Teese - Minor Disturbance: The Faded Glory of the Motorcycle Couriers & Punk Rock of the 80s in D.C. - The Orbitron Found - Denim: 160 years & still one leg at a time - Artist: Daniel Martin Diaz - Pain While You Repay: Denny Miliani and Number 19, Part 2. - Mullins/Rabers Steamliner, Part 4. - Jay Boy Adams - TurboNegro - Fashion: History Repeating.
Available since: 12th May, 2008.

Garage #16
La Luz De Moana: The Journey Of Benji Rabanal - An Olympic Run: Kirk Hammett's 36 - DaVinci with a Dolly & Hammer: Jay Everett's "Astra" - Mullins/Rabers Steamliner, Part 3. - 20 Questions with Jim Phillips - The Edison of Crazy: Ky "Rocketman" Michaelson - Artist: Chris Martin - Pain While You Repay: Denny Miliani and Number 19, Part 1. - Garage Gal: Becky O'Donohue (cover and centre) - Old Paint: The Disappearing Mail Pouch Barn - Brian Fox's "Zorba's Ghost" FED - Fashion: Dust Hits Like Thunder.
Available since: 2nd November, 2007.

Garage #15
VA Pinhead Society - Watch Ol' Bandit Run - Suicide Axle Hot Rods & Drew Didio - Cole Foster talks with painter Bill Carter - Mullins/Rabers Steamliner, Part 2 - Basil Wolverton - Artist: Timothy White - 20 Questions with Broadway Bob (Great Lakes Dragaway) - The Funny Car Years of Broadway Freddy - The Hunt for the Spook Hunters - The authentic Dougie Feazell - Art Laboe - Fashion: Pound Sterling.
Available From: 22nd August, 2007.

Garage #14
Builder: Steve Sellers - Speed Shifters of Anacostia -- Tatoo artist Jack Dracula - Garage gal of the Year Party 2007 - Mullins/Rabers Steamliner, Part 1 - Artsit: Mike Giant - 20 Questions with Ed Riggins - The Real Acme (the story of the Turbonique) - Buggs Ochoa and the lowrider wars - Todd Hlavaty's tattoo machine collection - Builders: The Kennedy Brothers - Iggy Pop & The Stooges - Fashion: Afternoon Delight.
Available From: 9th June, 2007.

Garage #13
"GIRL'S RULE" Issue - Kat Von D (cover girl) - Shirley Muldowney (guest editor) - The story of Cherry Martini - Get Your Boots Off The Bar (Aunt Lil and her Indian) - The Photography of Eve Crane (feat. The Hell's Angels) - World's Fastest Bunny (Carol Burkett) - Artist: Sunny Buick - 20 Qs with Kat Von D - Nicole Lyons (NHRA Pro Stock drag racer) - Erin Toughill (fighter) - A History of The Original Homegirls - Photographer: Jenny Lens - Musician: Wanda Jackson - Fashion.
Available From: 3rd May, 2007.

Garage #12
A Touch of Evil - A Reason To Live - Least Wanted - More Hot Rod Goodies - Keith Weesner: See How He Does It - Derek Yaniger: What's Buzzin' Cousin? - Wayne Hancock - Hecho En Tijuana (Looking For The Fabled TJ Upholstery Job) - And Hell's Comin' With Me - Deeper Shade of Soul (Maz Scahaaf's Search) - The Czar of Bizarre - Broke, (sun)Burnt & Busted (Coop Races the Carrera Panamerica) - Built To Last(The Story of Dickies) - Black Dog (The Short Life and Long Legacy of Dwight Bale) - 20 Questions With Kirk Jones (Meet hotrodding's Don Quixote) - Haircut 100 (Know The Basics Before You Leave The House) - Strange Attractor (50 Years With Gale Banks) - Lost Prophet (A Forgotten Side of Ed Roth) - Dave Kruger (An Authentic Hotrodder).
Available From: 21st Feb, 2007.

Garage #11
Brand new old stock (our buddy Kevin Preciado gets some Cyclone ink!) - Trip the lights fantastic (the glory days of Funny Cars) - Tattooed by Bert Grimm - 20 questions with Trevelen (Supercompany Customs bikes) - Dick Allen (chopper builder) - Photographer: Dennis Stock - But Is It Art? (Taxidermy by Sarina) - Custom Painter: Donn Trethewey - Brock Yates, the Cannonball & The Politics of Speed - Artist: Shawn Barber - Bobby Green and his P-38 Bellytank racer - Bob Log, the 3rd! - Louisville, KY - Fashion: Junkyard Blues.
Was Available From: 14th Nov, 2006.

Garage #10
Legend Of The Motorcycle - Garage Gal: Tera Patrick - A Man about a Horse: Nudie and his Cars - 20 Qs with Father Fury (Rico Fodrey) - Saturday Nights Alright - In The Business of Zoom: Norm Rapp - Sketch Pad: Johnny Crap - 5 Builders You Should Know: Alex Gambino (Gambino Customs), Jason Steed (C-51 Customs), Mike Smith (California Hot Rods), Brandon Casquilho (Art Coleman Chain Drives) & Keith Tardel (Rex Rods & Chassis) - "Tintype" photography - Anatomy of a Custom: '49 Merc - Artist: Glenn Barr - Johnny Dilks & His Country Soul Brothers - Buck Owens & The Bakersfield Sound - A Deadly Brush: R.A. Maguire - Whisky In The Jar: Roddy Moore and the Roots of Virginia's Hot Rod History - The Value of a Kulture - Fashion: Barn Fresh.
Available From: 19th July, 2006.

Garage #9
Your Garage: Vern Tardel's - Kick the tires: The Old Guard & New Ideas - Keep The Flame: Old Diggers Will Never Die - Come Hell & High Water: Rich Guasco & The GLory Days of the Fuel Altereds - Homebuilt: The Characters Living in John Bell's Garage - Writer/Skateboarder: Scott Bourne - Project Pipe Cleaner: 27T coupe - Signed by the Artist: Adam Wright - Garage Gal: Miss Melanie Starr - Skratch Pad: Bubbletops - Yee Haw Industries - 20 Questions with Tim Conder (a damn cool dude!) - History Lesson: Hill Bros. - Tattooist: Mark Mahoney - Music: Throw Rug - Fashion: A Day At The Races.

Garage #8
Profile: Jason Jesse - Stompin' The Savoy: Horsepower and Black Power in San Francisco - Art: Esteban Oriol - Movie review: Choppertown (The Sinners) - Garage Gal: Miss Jamie (Cover girl) - Artist: Mitchell Binder (King Baby Studio) - Jeff Allison's Sketch Pad - The Birth of the American Biker - Review: Von Franco's "I Was A Teenage Monster T-Shirt Painter" - Motel Fetish -Profile: Spanky Spangler (stuntman) - Profile: Kirk Taylor (builder) - Ardovino's Desrt Crossing - Fashion: Ladies Love Outlaws - Rant: Pat Ganahl's new book (Von Dutch: The Art, The Myth, The Legend).
Was Available From: 29th Sept, 2005.

Garage #7
**The "CHICK'S RULE" Issue - Chick's Rule (6-girl profile) - Steve Caballero and his '31 5W (Well, I met Steve and got to play chauffer to him for a night in Melbourne and he's a damn nice guy....howdy Steve!) - The Radiator Hoes car club - Artist: Kali Verra - Artist: Rion Vernon - Garage Gal: Miss Arekah - Universal Truth (a photo essay b Richard Heeps) - The Globe Car Club (little cars, not the big ones) - Jimmy Shine and the Black Roadster - Photographer: Frank DeBlase - Pete Ogden (Wild Bunch dragster builder, racer and wild man) - Suicide Girls website - Fashion: Sinners (Ts and stuff for hot rod chicks).
Was Available From: 9th June, 2005.

Garage #6
**The Beatnik Issue*** - Beatniks Car Club - Ed Roth & The Beatnik Bandit - Wilson Welding's finned backing plates - Book review: Beatesville - Artist: Jeral Tidwell - California Choppers bike shop - Garage Gal: Miss Amber Lox - Tatoo Artist: Rob Struven - Thunder Road - Musician: Mike Ness - Bruno Gianoli and the boys of Nor-Cal - Fashion: The Purple Turk
Was Available From: 14th Nov, 2004.

Garage #5
Harry Westergard - London calling: Rockabilly Culture in the UK - Garage Gal: Miss Laura Niles - Custom Bicycles by TwentySixInch - Lowriders - Artist: Richie Fahey - Music: The Paladins - Photographer: Eric Hameister - Fashion: Sunday Morning at the Swap Meet.
Was Available From: 30th May, 2004.

Garage #4
Jesse James & Kid Rock hit Mexico - NorCal's "Wild Bunch" - Garage Gal: Miss Shelly Byron - Spookiest Hot Rods of All Time - Hot Rod knick knacks (one for the collectors!) - Music: Johnny Cash - Roadtrip to Locke, CA. - Fashion: Red Asphalt.

Garage #3
Kent Fuller - Von Franco - Garage Gal: Miss Tyler Burden - Music: Nashville Pussy - Artist: Bruce Gossett - Part 2: The Moonshine Story - Fashion: Indian Summer.

Garage #2
Cole Foster - York Dragway - Garage Gal: Miss Cheri Von Chop - Music: The Dynotones - Armageddon Top Fuel team - Part 1: The Moonshine Story - Coop's House - Fashion: One Night At Beep's.

Garage Premier Issue
The Premier Issue is long gone. More a promotional issue (no ad content whatsoever), it was printed in very limited quantities (a couple of thousand) to give us a taste of what was ahead. Seriously collectible.....and next to impossible to get as a "new" issue.