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This manual is a parts interchangeability and high performance engine modification manual for Harley-Davidson V-twins. It covers from the mid-1930s to and including 1983.
It tells you what square peg fits in what round holes or how to do so with a minimum of yelling, screaming and pulling out of hair. This will enable you to build a motorcycle from a stack of more-or-less unrelated parts. This will also assist you to build your motorcycle for the most available horsepower, the most reliability or somewhere in between.

On Harley-Davidson Motorcycles.

80 pages, including topics on Numbering, Engines, Transmissions, Frames, Electrical and Go-Faster.
PRICE: AU$15 each, INCLUDES shipping {Australia only}.
AVAILABLE SINCE: February 21, 2012.
SOLD OUT....and retired.