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SIZE: 240mm x 170mm (#31 onwards) - 210mm x 145mm (#1 to #30).
FREQUENCY: Bi-monthly
DESCRIPTION: Greasy Kulture Magzine is run by Guy Bolton in the UK. Featuring the best content from Australia and overseas, GKM will not disappoint the traditional bike fan. Exellent layout, print and photography, plus the details you're interested in, make for a magazine that will be timeless and forever a favourite.

GREASY KULTURE 2024 Calendar
The 2024 Greasy Kulture Wall Calendar has a GK feature bike for every month of the year. Guy has picked some of his favourites from 2023... and some from the archive of older features. On the cover this year is one of our favourite feature bikes from this year, Gary Eastman's Harley UL.
Each calendar image measures A4 (297mm long x 210mm deep), with a drop-down, easy-to-read date page for each month making the open calendar size A3 (297mm long x 420mm deep). All printed on quality, 250gsm card.
Only 20 calendars are available for Australia and NZ, at this stage.
Available soon!

Price: AU$36 each, INCLUDES postage {Australia only} or $42 each for NZ residents. See pull-down below for options.

Quantity and Destination options:

Jeff Leighton with his beautiful 1947 Harley Knucklehead (cover) - Seth and Casey built a pre-unit Triumph for Born Free - Martin's Evo chopper - Dave Bevan set off from England for Fucker Fest in Sweden with a bunch of friends on old Harleys - Osamu's H-D XRCR from Tokyo - Rene hand-built his Panhead chopper for doing serious miles across Europe - Joe Dixon's Shovelhead "Cruel Hand".
Available since: October 13, 2023.

Price: $15 each, INCLUDES postage {Australia only} or $23.50 for NZ residents.

Postage Destination (Use pull-down menu to select from Australia or NZ):

Born Free winner Todd Asin of Small City Cycles with his daily rider 1956 Panhead - Nathan Sykes 1966 shovel - 'Old clunker' guru (at W&W Cycles) Paul Jung and the Koslow-style racer he built from rusty parts - Globetrotting artist Simon Watts - Kei's first introduction to Shop Sam's was pretty intimidating - Jeff Twa built his '43 UL to go places - Joel Peet built his Panhead chopper from an uninspiring project and is glad the shine's worn off at last - Born Free 14.
Available since: August 17, 2023.

Price: $15 each, INCLUDES postage {Australia only} or $23.50 for NZ residents.

Postage Destination (Use pull-down menu to select from Australia or NZ):

Joe Juran with his 1959 Panhead chopper - Queen of SoCal cool Mari Estrada had a big hand in building both her custom ‘54 Olds and ‘47 Knuck chopper - David Gray of Primal Garage in Australia agreed to build this amazing flathead 45 chopper sight unseen...never again, he says! - Gary Eastman had to bide his time to snap up this perfect '47 U bob-job, built in Sweden - From Tokyo, Hiro’s blown 1976 Sporty digger - Frances Larkin: we go in search of the woman behind an iconic ‘50s photo - Page’s neat Shovel chopper in the UK is winning trophies – Tim Burns 1928 JD as everyday transport - In memory of Garry Stuart, a much missed legend of motorcycle photography.
Available since: June 12, 2023.

Price: $15 each, INCLUDES postage {Australia only} or $23.50 for NZ residents.

Postage Destination (Use pull-down menu to select from Australia or NZ):

Dave Polgreen with his stunning, award-winning Harley KHK 2022 Born Free custom show bike - Teppo recommissions the coolest survivors from the glory days of choppers and we bring you the story of these pre-unit Triumphs from Germany - Ricky Reyes found time to build himself a hardcore little Sporty street chopper, in between customer builds at Anchor Moto in Kansas City - Tadahiro is a true adventurer and chooses to tour Japan on a bone stock 1950 Hydra Glide - Verne Hammond's knucklehead chopper - Non’s amazing Bangkok-based 1945 WLK - Sam Webber's 2-time USA-crossing 1950 Panhead chopper.
Available since: April 10, 2023.

Price: $15 each, INCLUDES postage {Australia only} or $23.50 for NZ residents.

Postage Destination (Use pull-down menu to select from Australia or NZ):

Aidan Smith from Braidwood with his wild homebuilt 1940 Harley big twin flathead chopper - Dan Haines from the UK had to wait a long, long time to score the engine in his ‘67 FL chop - Brian Hiscock and his 1953 Triumph - The perfect little knuck bob-chop built by Dan Carr and his DC Choppers team - Impeccable early 1960s Swedish chopper style: David Gideskog and his 1968 Shovel - Yuto's S&S street chopper from Tokyo - Josh Bedford's hard-ridden knucklehead chopper.
Available since: February 16, 2023.

Price: $15 each, INCLUDES postage {Australia only} or $23.50 for NZ residents.

Postage Destination (Use pull-down menu to select from Australia or NZ):

Mick De Rocker from Belgium and his perfectly worn-in '46 FL Knucklehead (cover) - Born Free invited builder Joey Kerigan's Panhead chopper - Loggy's 1951 Servi-Car - Dan Carballo's Panhead chopper - Glenn Hissel's Shovelhead - Yagi works at Neighborhood in Tokyo and went from wild chopper to a daily-ridden Duo Glide - Andres and his Good Motorcycles workshop in Barcelona have produced another beautiful Panhead.
Available since: December 15, 2022.

Price: $15 each, INCLUDES postage {Australia only} or $23.50 for NZ residents.

Postage Destination (Use pull-down menu to select from Australia or NZ):

Gary Royal' 1953 Harley Panhead chopper with an Indian Chief girder fork - Masa from Luck MC in Kyoto and his stunning '69 Shovel - Ya's Triumph chopper on the streets of Bangkok - Dylan's tough '81 Harley FXS custom - Totte's '47 EL bob-job - Makoto's rare Triumph racerrT100GP! - Andy Woolf's home built genny Shovel chopper - Rezi's Shovelhead from Finland.
Available since: October 4, 2022.

Price: $15 each, INCLUDES postage {Australia only} or $23.50 for NZ residents.

Postage Destination (Use pull-down menu to select from Australia or NZ):

Joey 'Fish' Cano with his 1960 Panhead chopper - Nic Belor's 1974 Sporty NorCal style chopper - There's a bunch of righteous choppers currently coming out of Oregon: Tim Burns and Nathan Sykes are the guys responsible - Tom Heavey's Born Free-winning '51 Triumph "Time Warp" - Vincent Summers UK 80s-style tough Panhead chopper - Satoshi's classic Panhead chopper originally built by Cycle Zombies - Spike Judd's survivor '47 knucklehead bobber - Born Free 2022 by Michael Van Parys.
Available since: August 8, 2022.

Price: $15 each, INCLUDES postage {Australia only} or $23.50 for NZ residents.

Postage Destination (Use pull-down menu to select from Australia or NZ):

Kenny Slaughter with his 1937 Harley-Davidson EL Knucklehead chopper - Chris Jenner's Royal Enfield Bullet - Brandon Smith's '76 FXE Shovelhead - Dr Sprocket's last build: our ex-columnist bows out from the bench with a beautiful 45 flathead bob-job for his son - Tomoya's GME-framed Shovel - Dan Headon's panhead 'Limoncello' - Josh McAlinden's long-term project Sporty.
Available since: June 5, 2022.

Price: $15 each, INCLUDES postage {Australia only} or $23.50 for NZ residents.

Postage Destination (Use pull-down menu to select from Australia or NZ):

Daniel Crean from the Gold Coast with his perfect sixties-style '56 Panhead chopper (cover bike) - A Shovelhead chopper created by Honda expert Brandon Wurz - Steven Schwoegler built his Pan-Shovel in H-D's home town, Milwaukee - From Australia, Jimbob Sinclair's Shovelhead - Takeshi's Indian Chief chopper from Tokyo - Sydney's new event, the Still Lovin' Chopper Show - Yorg Powell from Athens is back with a super pared-back '68 genny Shovel - Fumiya Tsurumaki's killer 1940 Harley EL was built by Gak at HawgHolic in Tokyo.
Available since: April 22, 2022.

Price: $15 each, INCLUDES postage {Australia only} or $23.50 for NZ residents.

Postage Destination (Use pull-down menu to select from Australia or NZ):

Max Schaaf with Moochie's '46 Knucklehead chopper - Maru from Tokyo talks us through the changes he's made to his super cool '48 Panhead chopper - Jared Weems has built another David Mann Triumph chopper - Sean Madigan built his 1950 Panhead bob-job out of parts he found and fixed, in his Toronto shed - Sea Nymph is the name of Joey Zentil's '56 stroker Panhead chopper - Plenty of British engineering ingenuity went into Mark Gale's Harley UL-VL beach racer - This Shovelhead chopper may have been built on a budget, but Jason Mellers' bike has proved itself over many miles of hard riding.
Available since: February 6, 2022.

Price: $15 each, INCLUDES postage {Australia only} or $23.50 for NZ residents.

Postage Destination (Use pull-down menu to select from Australia or NZ):

John Edwards and his '41 Knucklehead completed for Born Free - Dave Bevan's '90s pre-unit Triumph - Nick Resty's killer 1940 UL chopper - Chris Sommer's Triumph Tiger - The Congregation Show - Katsuyuki's HawgHolic-built 1938 Harley EL chopper - A boss Bavarian big twin flathead by Franz Rabauer - David Carlo's wonderful images from the most recent TROG: October 2021.
Available since: December 13, 2021.

Price: $15 each, INCLUDES postage {Australia only} or $23.50 for NZ residents.

Postage Destination (Use pull-down menu to select from Australia or NZ):

GREASY KULTURE Magazine 2022 Calendar
Each calendar image measures A4 (297mm long x 210mm deep), with a drop-down, easy-to-read date page for each month making the open calendar size A3 (297mm long x 420mm deep). All printed on quality, 250gsm card.
Available since: December 13, 2021.

Vincent Summers and his 1941 'U' model Harley chopper - Burrito Rick's super-cool '46 Knuck bob-job ? Kurt Chanley proves you can still build a cool Panhead chop on a budget - Meet Mr Iikura in Yokohama... 50 years doing countless miles on the same Indian Chief - Robbie Palmer built his stunning '64 pre-unit Triumph for Born Free - Born Free 12 - Racing with the VHRA at Pendine Sands - Lloyd Williams built his genny Shovel chopper to last, however hard he rides it!
Available since: October 12, 2021.
Price: $13 each, INCLUDES postage {Australia only}.

Postage Destination (Use pull-down menu to select from Australia or NZ):

Kevin Goveia and his all-vintage Triumph chopper, built over 12 years - Dr Sprocket reports from the AMCA Five Chapter Run - Dave Polgreen tells us how his period-perfect knucklehead chopper came to be - Michael introduces his red-hot 1940 UL bob-job from the UK - Shun's '74 FXE Shovel saved him from a dark spiral that almost killed him - Paul Whitehurst's '47 FL - Distances are big in Australia: Mike Davidson built just the Panhead for the job - RIP Glen Crossland. His friend Lloyd Williams pays tribute to him and his Pan - Marc Felix loves racing his Knuck on the sand so much, he started his own event.
Available since: August 3, 2021.
Price: $13 each, INCLUDES postage {Australia only}.

Postage Destination (Use pull-down menu to select from Australia or NZ):

Chris Hatton and his completely homebuilt 1967 Harley generator Shovel chopper (cover) - Gucci's 1979 FXS Shovel chopper - Pete Stansfield's pre-unit Triumph race bike - Masa's 1979 FXE Shovel from Nagoya - Johnnie Sanders' 1966 Shovel-Pan chopper - From Malta, James Ferrugia's Enfield Bullet chop - Garry Stuart chat.
Available since: June 16, 2021.

Grant Peterson's 1944 Harley UL chopper (cover) - Dr Sprocket remembers Dale Walksler, founder of 'Wheels Through Time' - Yoshi and his'42 Harley WLA beach racer - Nick Panesar and his righteous Harley Shovelhead chopper, built from a box o' bits - Zündapp Norma custom built by Joel Burkhard - Cherry's Company Shovelhead chopper - Sean McCarron's '47 Indian Chief - Doug Walker's hopped-up and stripped-down Knucklehead racer.

Available since: April 12, 2021.
Price: $13 each, INCLUDES postage {Australia only}.

Nicke Svensson's 'OHVL' drag bike - Dr Sprocket remembers Tom Sifton, the tuner and engine builder who beat H-D at their own game - Tatsuro's black 'n' badass club-style sixties XLCH from Tokyo - Martin's Shovelhead chopper from London - Gak from HawgHolic talks about his beautiful beach racin' '47 Knucklehead - David's neat XS650 chopper - Big Joe Lingley's '48 Panhead chopper - Christoph from Bavaria and his '29 Indian Sport Scout brave the snow.

Available since: February 11, 2021.

Jared Weems and his immaculate '52 Triumph Speed Twin, inspired by a Dave Mann painting - Dr Sprocket remembers George F. Hood, vintage H-D restorer and friend - Go Tomura from Tokyo was addicted to Japanese sport bikes until he put this '56 Harley KH together - Dean from DicE has had some cool bikes in his time - Andreas tells us about his '25 Harley JE - Vincent Summers talks about his sand-draggin' '40 Harley UL - Jeff Twa's Shovel was originally built by Max Schaaf but it's been through a lot since then - Gary Eastman's genuine XR-750 race bike on the street.

Available since: December 7, 2020.
Price: $13 each, INCLUDES postage {Australia only}.

GREASY KULTURE Magazine 2021 Calendar
Available since: December 7, 2020.

Joe Graves' beautiful 1950 Harley-Davidson Panhead - Dr Sprocket helps out an old friend by organising and parting out 'The Collection' - Biltwell's Bill Bryant introduces us to the bike he intends to grow old with: his 1957(ish) Harley Hydra Glide - From Germany, Matthias Seidl and his 1975 T140 - Tony Esposito's '42 WLC flathead in New York - Jim and Richard from Skinny Choppers built a Panhead bob-job for practicality and reliability - Gonz's '49 Panhead - From Sweden, Larsa Hedstrom's Bay Area-inspired genny Shovel chopper.

Available since: October 9, 2020.
Price: $13 each, INCLUDES postage {Australia only}.

Dr Sprocket remembers Dixie Distributing...once the biggest H-D parts wholesaler on the planet - Dale Hillard and his pre-unit Triumph chopper - From Tokyo, Gak's amazing ex-Yellow Jackets MC '39 EL bob-job - Adam's 1980 Shovelhead - Badger's Panhead saw '60s service with Oakland's most famous MC - Head chef Tomoaki's beautiful and original '59 Sportster - From Sweden, Marcus' '75 Shovel - Anthony's '46 Knucklehead.

Available since: August 10, 2020.

Vinz Guntern's handbuilt award-winning '48 Panhead chopper in the Swiss mountains - Dr Sprocket celebrates the bike-loving underground artists of 60s San Francisco - Fil Rebellatos Panhead chopper from Italy - Dan Sladovniks 45 flat track racer - Kotas radical 58 Panhead chopper - Vincent Summers' spartan 42 Knucklehead - Jake Doesburgs stump-pulling 46 Knuck hillclimber - AMCAs Monterey Road Run - Colins 46 Knuck.

Available since: June 16, 2020.
Price: $13 each, INCLUDES postage {Australia only}.

Eric from Germany with his Knucklehead chopper - Inside: Dr Sprocket talks about Dick Allen... and why we need to be grateful to him - Brian's 1966 Shovel is the real deal! - Joel Pippett's 1934 Harley VLD racer built from a rusty pile of bits - Jamesville's last build - Akira's 1956 pre-unit Triumph is a gift to himself for hard time served - Louie Hartley's Panhead long bike - A 2007 Enfield Bullet as chopper donor bike.

Available since: March 26, 2020.

Tony Homchan and his Panhead proper chopper, built in sunny Leeds, UK - Dr Sprocket discusses Ed Roth's sixties obsession with motorcycles and why it ended - Matt Wains 60s-style Pan chopper - Spicy Thai treat: Gareths 42 Harley WLK street (and beach) racer - Yasus Shovel chopper - Micks glorious Pan-Shovel - Brandon Whitehurst's '49 Panhead - Yokohama HRCS 28 - Luke Wallaces pre-unit from down under.

Available since: February 3, 2020.
Price: $13 each, INCLUDES postage {Australia only}.

Juicie and his Knucklehead - Dr Sprocket celebrates the motorcycle-related history of Kenny Howard - Rhys Moreton's hardcore Harley UL flatty - Kenzo's patina-perfect 1950 F Panhead - King Of The Hill hillclimb - Von Dutch-painted '49 Panhead - Howard and Vince's '51 Panhead - Mike Davis's 'Gila Monster' (seven years later).

Available since: December 13, 2019.

Tom Heavey and his '53 Triumph - Inside: Dr Sprocket remembers top cam-grinder and engineer 'Bus' Schaller - Troels Madsens period-perfect early Knucklehead chopper - Katsus 69 Shovel - Meet the Goodwood Hornets - Locked n Lodi show - Shauns big inch funky flathead - Sverres 39 original paint Knucklehead - Lee Carters shovel chopper.

Available since: August 5, 2019.
Price: $13 each, INCLUDES postage {Australia only}.

On the cover: Tim Kill and his handbuilt 1942 Harley flathead racer - Inside: Dr Sprocket discusses C.B.Clausen, the Boozefighters... and The Brute! - Tom Beresford and his Harley Shovel chopper - Yosukes Panhead show bike - Born Free - Dean Micetich and the 47 Knucklehead - Lukes 57 Panhead - Kustom Kulture Forever - Danny's Panhead.

Available since: August 5, 2019.
Price: $13 each, INCLUDES postage {Australia only}.

On the cover: Andres and his '54 Panhead, modified to be a reliable daily rider. Inside: Dr Sprocket is back! He looks back at the Mighty Knucklehead! Flake King Jochems show- stopping Shovel from The Netherlands; From SoCal to Tokyo, Mark Drews 52 6T revisited by our man in Japan, Mochi; Dan’s righteous ‘56 Pan chopper ... built in a (tiny) English shed!; Ride to Die, Die to Ride: Dave Bevan meets The Death Traps MC; From Oz, Sean’s mile- munching Shovel chop. Beauty first build!; 2019 Congregation Show, photos by Daron Gray; Tim O’Keefe... the Stag Mag editor spills the beans on what floats his boat!

Available since: June 7, 2019.
Price: $13 each, INCLUDES postage {Australia only}.

On the cover: Minato Yamamoto and his radical '38 UL chopper; inside: Dynamite Joe and the stunning flathead that wowed the crowds at Born Free and Mooneyes; UKs Six Town Chopper Show... portraits of the builders and their bikes by Jonny Wilson; Shaun’s ‘47 Knuck from sunny Yorkshire; Brent’s ‘73 stroker Shovel chopper; Barn-find ‘48 Panhead – in Belgium? Oli’s story gives hope to all shed-searchers; Ivan’s ‘69 Shovel has impeccable credentials! Plus, from Sweden, Janne’s cool 46 U...

Available since: April 10, 2019.
Price: $13 each, INCLUDES postage {Australia only}.

Carl Savino and his family with their survivor 1960 pan-shovel chopper - Inside: 2018 Mooneyes Show - Greg and his Indian hillclimber-inspired Ironhead Sportster - Hajime's '47 Knucklehead Beau's seventies-throwback Yamaha XS650 chopper - Ryan Cox's multi-award winning Harley UH street-ridden show bike - John Root's beautifully sanitary race-inspired pre-unit Triumph - Paolo's mile-munching Panhead chopper from Italy.
Available since: February 9, 2019.
Price: $13 each, INCLUDES postage {Australia only}.

Ken and his daily-ridden 45 Magnum! - Ryan Mullion of The Tiger Shacks 53 6T Triumph (a Born Free trophy winner) - Dr Sprocket is back with a festive special on Stan Dishong - Motzis 58 Panhead - feast your eyes on a slice of Swedish chopper history - Stuart Torkington’s ‘68 slabside Shovel, badass and built on a budget - Aaron’s 1200 Sporty chopper from England - Andy P’s Knucklehead chopper - And from Sweden, Peter’s big inch Harley UL bobber.
Available since: December 11, 2018.

Denis Babins 46 Knuck Born Free show-bike - Rob Palmers minimalist, BMX-influenced 68 Triumph Daytona - UK Trip Out - From Tokyo, a crusty Knucklehead chopper built by Norihito - Born Free 2018: a vintage visual round-up courtesy of Michael Van Parys - Jason Parker’s ‘38 Harley U - Max Schaaf’s 69 Mile Ride - Dr Sprocket’s back to give us the lowdown - 10 years of Jamesville Motorcycles - Laurie Dal Zotto’s ‘37 ULH from Oz.
Available since: October 8, 2018.
Price: $13 each, INCLUDES postage {Australia only}.

contents list to come.
Available: August 7, 2018.

Death Grip Cycles' Born Free panhead - Rise of the Machine: Matt & Sophie's Machine Show - Dino Paul's 1936 H-D EL knucklehead - Kent Karlsson's 1968 Triumph Bonneville - Piero Iavarone's 1940 H-D knucklehead - Yuuta's S&S shovelhead - Liam Irving's 1947 H-D knucklehead.
Available since: June 4, 2018.

Dean Micetich's 1968 Harely-Davidson shovelhead - Freeman Motorcycles 1947 Indian Chief - Coffee Gasoline MotoGarage's 1980 Yamaha XS650 - Damiano Deiraghi's 1949 Harley-Davidson panhead - Billy Horner's 1941 Harley-Davidson UDennis Gutierrez's 1954 Triumph 6T - Laurie Dal Zotto's 1952 Harley-Davidson El panhead - Ryan Battle's 2003 Harley-Davidson Sportster 883R.
Available since: April 9, 2018.
Price: $13 each, INCLUDES postage {Australia only}.

Dave Polgren's 1947 Harley-Davidson knucklehead - 2017 Mooneyes Hot Rod Custom Show Yokohama - Kenny Lesko's 1970 Harley-Davidson shovelhead - Valley Motorcycle's 1949 Harley-Davidson panhead - Josh Bedford's 1956 Harley-Davidson pan-shovel - Jamesville Motorcycles' 1942 Harley-Davidson WLC - Sverre Gerber's 1927 Harley-Davidson J-model.
Available since: February 5, 2018.
Price: $13 each, INCLUDES postage {Australia only}.

Dan Haines' 1952 Harley-Davidson FL panhead - Bill Bryant's 1928 Ford roadster - Gareth Howell's 1938 Harley-Davidson UL - Kevin Gregor's 1977 Harley-Davidson shovelhead - Bob Newing's 1946 Harley-Davidson FL knucklehead - Makoto's 1947 Matchless G80 - Stefano Raggini's 1948 Harley-Davidson U flathead.
Available since: December 10, 2017.
Price: $13 each, INCLUDES postage {Australia only}.

GREASY KULTURE 2018 Calendar
The Greasy Kulture 'Krusty Kings' 2018 wall calendar has a GK feature bike for every month of the year, every one of them a patina-rich, road-worn or original paint bike! Featuring Pete Stansfield's iconic reverse-head, pre-unit Triumph 'Ol' Blu' on the cover, a couple of Jeff 'Hollywood' Baer's amazing original paint machines (including his 'Dirty Nine' Knucklehead) featured, as well as Dan Fluit's ULH, a couple of HawgHolic's amazing Knuckleheads and Hatch's famous barn-built Bonneville. Colour plates measure A4, with a drop-down, easy-to-read date page for each month making the open calendar size A3. The ideal festive gift for the gearhead in your life!
Available since: December 10, 2017.
Price: $23 each, INCLUDES postage {Australia only}.

Martin Carlgren's 16-page feature of his Born Free-winning SRM chopper - Max Schaaf's 1969 shovel - Laurie Dal Zotto's 1946 knucklehead - Ulrich Bartsch's 1973 XLH sportster - Shigeo Doi's 1932 Ford roadster - Alberto Amore Bianco's panhead - Dinos Leontiadis's Triumph T100S - Mac Bjadefors' 1951 panhead.
Available since: October 9, 2017.
Price: $13 each, INCLUDES postage {Australia only}.

Dan Fluit's 1940 big twin flathead - Congregation Show - Tom Paterson's knucklehead chopper - Akira's '78 shovelhead chopper - Allstate Tire Co. - Alessandro Baratti's 1953 panhead chopper - Jimmy Staig's Triumph - Matt Pontano's 1961 panhead.
Available since: July 31, 2017.
Price: $13 each, INCLUDES postage {Australia only}.

Go Takamine's 1939 Indian Sport Scout racer by Mochi (cover bike) - Oli Holzmann's 1946 Knucklehead - Ace Motorcycles 1949 Panhead - Moochs WLC - Erics generator Shovel - Massimilianos 1942 Knucklehead - Lucas Joyner's Factory Metal Works 1952 Triumph Pre-Unit.
Available since: June 13, 2017.
Price: $13 each, INCLUDES postage {Australia only}.

Chopper Dave's '53 Panhead - Musumi's '59 Panhead - Simon Watts' '29 Model J - Dan Haines' 1954 Triumph Tiger - Jamesvill Motorcycles' 1942 H-D UL - Matt Davis tribute - Day In The Dirt - Alessio Filidassi's '50 Panhead.
Available since: April 10, 2017.

Tom Curran's 1957 H-D Panhead - Death valley Run (cover photo) - Ed Scharkie's 1967 H-D Shovelhead - Shigeo's 1948 H-D Panhead - Stefano Raggini's 1946 H-D Knucklehead - Ten Years of GKM - Mike Carver's 1947 Indian Chief - Jon Lidley's Evo Sportster.
Available since: February 6, 2017.
Price: $14 each, INCLUDES postage {Australia only}.

Jeff Leighton's 1942 Harley-Davidson UL (above 2nd from left) - The Race of Gentlemen West (cover photo) - Kiyoharu's 1961 Harley-Davidson Fl (above 2nd from right) - Liam Irving's 1937 Harley-Davidson ULH - Claudio's 1969 Triumph T100 (above right) - Basara MC's Bon Run (Japan).
Available since: December 8, 2016.
Price: $14 each, INCLUDES postage {Australia only}.

Tom Paterson's Born Free '39 Harley WL - Nick Toscano's Knuck-in-a-VL-frame TROG racer - Keith from Eat Dust's 1960 Pan-Shovel chopper - Ken Igari from Langlitz Leathers Tokyo's 1941 Knucklehead - 1st Annual Boogaloo Invitational (Australia) - Kevin's '57 Panhead - The Trip Out Build Off. Available since: October 11, 2016.
Price: $14 each, INCLUDES postage {Australia only}.

Wil Thomas's '47 Knucklehead (cover bike)- Joel Pippett's '53 BSA landspeed racer - Andrew Brown's shovelhead chopper - Meighan Mary's BSA chopper - Austin Rocket from the UK - The Mochi report: Cycle Zombies Panhead in Tokyo - Honrio Cham's 1953 panhead bob-job - Fil Rebellato's '67 gennie shovel.
Available since: August 5, 2016.
Price: $14 each, INCLUDES postage {Australia only}.

Jeff Leighton's 1950 Triumph (cover bike) - Stevie's 1955 HD panhead - Jeremiah Filson's Triumph - Ian Biddle's 1948 HD panhead - Akihiro's 1937 HD ULH - Osama Shioura's 1948 HD panhead - Tyler Mullins' 1940 HD UA flathead - Dave Bewick's 1950 HD pan-shovel.
Available since: June 6, 2016.
Price: $14 each, INCLUDES postage {Australia only}.

Kyle Edgar from Leafiest Cycles with his amazing 1946 UL show bike - Dean from DicE Magazine's Knucklehead bob-job - Sin Takizawa from Neighborhood in Tokyo and his stunning Vincent Rapide custom - Ian Biddle's crusty 'n' cool '39 Knucklehead - Neto from Vegas and his tuff '76 Shovel mile-muncher - Jason Parker and his proper-chopper long-fork Panhead, all the way from Ontario, Canada - Jimmy Staig and his cool, homebuilt Triumph chopper.
Available since: April 11, 2016.

Martin Carlgren's 1964 panhead chopper - Cohen Arthur's panhead chopper - Justin Busby's 1948 pan-shovel - Chris Biglands' Indian 101 Scout - Joe Rispante's 1962 Triumph Bonneville - Kouji's 1934 3W - Leif Hultdin's 1947 knucklehead. Available since: February 12, 2016.

76 pages, Full colour - Hokan Martenssons 47 SoCal Knucklehead bob-job - Jamesville Motorcycles 1949 Panhead - Two-wheel terrors at The Race of Gentlemen 2015 - Luck Motorcycles Born Free S&S Knuck - Satoshis 46 FL Knucklehead - Dad n lad: Lukes Panhead, Andys Indian Scout - Todd Asins cross-country Triumph TR6C chopper - Pacoima Motorcycles Boomerang Shovel keeps comin back.
Available since: November 6, 2015.

76 pages, Full colour - Dr Sprocket remembers the Cyclone - Jeff Leighton pays tribute to Droopy with his killer 40 Knucklehead - Nykans Beef-built 69 Shovel - James Triumph T120 custom - Takuros 49 Pan-Shovel - Remembering the great Larry Pierce with his 48 UL Born Free bike - Ian Biddles Indian Chief - Gareth Howells 38 Knucklehead - The Thunderbike Panhead Spezial.
Available since: October 6, 2015.

74 pages, Full colour - Dan Luyten's '64 panhead - Bonr Free 7 - Osaka - Adam Dosseter's '42 Harley WLA - The Flanders Chopper Bash 2015 - Luke Kempton's '58 panhead and James Smith's '49 pan-shovel - Kaz's '41 knucklehead - Dan Fluit's '47 knucklehead.
Available since: August 13, 2015.

74 pages, Full colour - Dr Sprocket talks Crocker: from working mans tool to rich mans toy - Denis Babins 47 Knucklehead - Factory Metal Works 64 'MQQN' Triumph - Walter Gemeinhardts race- ready 45 - The Black Sun rises... Markuss stunning 46 Knuck (cover image) - Oiyamas hot-rod WLD - Tamiami Tyrants street-fightin Knucklehead - Pete Stansfields beautiful Norton Gold Star.
Available since: June 9, 2015.

72 pages, Full colour - Dr Sprocket returns for a one-off special: Krants Giant Killer - Grant Petersons 37 UL - Tom Heaveys 69 Triumph Bonneville - Jamesville Motorcycles71 Harley Shovelhead with extra Mopar magic - Toriyamas 47 Knucklehead - Sunrise Cycles 1952 Skinny Pan - Dan Haines Triumph and Harley choppers.
Available since: April 2, 2015.

68 pages, Full colour - Cover bike is Teemu from Finland's survivor Shovelhead chopper - Brent Rogers 46 Knuck - Dave Bevan meets the East Bay Dragons MC - How Dr Boots ended up with an ace Love Cycles Knucklehead - Sadakiyos 67 T120R - The 2014 Mooneyes show in Yokohama - Pauls 56 Triumph, 'Jaded'.
Available since: February 6, 2015.

66 pages, Full colour - It's the big Race of Gentlemen (aka TROG) issue! Pages and pages of great Race of Gentlemen photos, as well as Can't Stay José's Knucklehead from Long Beach - Jonny Wilson's photos from the Trip Out 3 - Alex's Panhead from Austria - Darren's lovely Norton single from the UK - Yudai's '46 Knucklehead from Tokyo - Craig Griffifth's crusty-rusty-cool Triumph from Beverly Hills.
Available since: December 15, 2014.

64 pages, Full colour - Kurt Morrow's Triumph T140 (cover bike) - Customs from Jamesville's Panhead, built for the Brooklyn Invitational - Mark Drews' big inch flathead - Bell45 opening and Hans Sures exhibition - Go Takamine from BratStyle's fire-breathing flat track-inspired Knucklehead - Eyck from Germany's beautiful Harley VL bobber - Ian Biddle's crusty, cool '47 Knucklehead.
Available since: September 29, 2014.

80 pages, Full colour - Dr Sprocket final Column - Ryan Mullion's Triumph TR6 Trike (cover bike) - Jeff Goo's '51 Panhead - Joyrides Art Company - Rene Astengo's '55 Chevy Bel Air Nomad - Charlie Foote's 1946 Indian Chief - Born Free 6 - Todd Asin's knucklehead - The Flanders Chopper Bash - El Daniel's 1948 WL - Gak's "Gold Mustache" shovelhead.
Available since: August 7, 2014.

80 pages, Full colour. Dr Sprocket rides his knucklehead through Texas - Caleb of Cro Customs's FrankenPan - Roller Magazine editor Kota and his XLCH - Mark Baileys early 70s Shovel - Allan from Copenhagens daily ridden 41 Indian Chief - Todd Asins BF5 Triumph - Mike Davis and the knucklead he should have kept - Sumos Panther chopper
Available since: June 9, 2014.

80 pages, Full colour. Dr Sprocket on unsung hero Bob George - Alan Richards and his Born Free Triumph - Out of this world: Dave Bewicks space chopper - Max Schaafs "barn find" - My friend Max, by Dr Sprocket - Animal Mother! David Snow tames the XLCH beast - From pigs ear to sexy hog: Jamesvilles 48 Pan - Boneshaker Bennys 42 45 - From Tokyo, Masakis 1950 EL - Craig Griffiths Beverly Hills Bonnie - Hidemos twin-carb 67 dragster Sporty.
Available since: 7th Februuary, 2014.

80 pages, Full colour. Dr.Sprocket remembers Joe Petrali - Dylan Mingirullis stunning 66 FLH bob-job - From Norway, Jans rip-snortin 45 special - The Funkster, Shauns BMX substitute - Kazus race-inspired 52 6T from Tokyo - Vintage sand drags in Japan - Reach for the sky Toms XS650 chopper - Dragoos Knuck - Joonass Shovel, seventies survivor style -Flake Kings Gus and Pain Relief Triumph. .
Available since: 6th Februuary, 2014.

80 pages, Full colour - Dr. Sprockets column: The Racers Martin Crostons 54 K-model - Carey Quinton Haider takes on Tokyo - Giels 1974 Sportster - Joe Lingleys 41 Indian Chief = Jeff Leightons panhead = Harley Peters 53 BSA M33 = Trip Out mugshots – Killerbobbers Copenhagen – Asuka’s H-D FLH panhead – Jermey Pick’s BSA B441 – The Trip Out II. .
Available since: 10th December, 2013.

80 pages, Full colour - Dr Sprocket and the Boozefighters - The Harpoon's 1950 Panhead chopper - Stevie's Yorkshire Shovelhead - Rob Fryer's '79 Sportster - Taku's Ace-built Knucklehead - Born Free 5 coverage - Mark Drews' Triumph showbike - Aki's Panhead from Tokyo - Tyler Mullins' '42 WLA - Johan's '51 Triumph - Joey Cano's '53 Panhead.
Available since: 9th October, 2013.

80 pages, Full colour - Dr Sprocket talks cut-downs and 90 year old choppers - John Edwards' 1959 Panhead from SoCal - Atsushi's '37 EL Knucklehead from Tokyo - The Castle Run Denmark: big photo report by Da Guru - Pete's pre-unit Trimuph chopper tries flat track - Jeremy's Pan-Knuckenstein! - Shu's '41 UL from Tokyo - young Nick's '51 Panhead from Australia - the GKM launch party: big portrait gallery by Sam Christmas.
Available since: 7th August, 2013.

80 pages, Full colour - Dr Sprocket falls for the Excelsior Super X, Yorg Powells 1941 H-D big-twin flathead, Rob Waldens survivor 1964 Panhead custom, Andy Porters Panhead, Joel Anderssons Harley-Davidson 28 J, Sekis 56 Panhead, Ridge Park Speeds radical 30 Model A, Original b-movie biker king: Larry Bishop, Noise Cycles' T-Bones 59 PanShovel and Jared Weems 51 Triumph Thunderbird.
Available since: 6th June, 2013.

80 pages, Full colour - Terry Godschalk's VL-Shovelhead, Marc from the Netherlands' '51 Panhead, Matt from Machine in Australia's WL. Plus Dr Sprocket's column, Mochi from Tokyo's Panhead, Mr. Zee's Triumph from Australia, Christer from Sweden's UL bobber, Brad from ZON, a flathead from Ocean Beetle in Japan, a '48 WR from Norway. Also, Italian Choppers' GKM award-winning drag bike, and Brandon and Wes's Shovelheads from the USA.
Available since: 8th April, 2013.

80 pages, Full colour - Benny Boneshakers' 'Chicken Poo' flathead; Dr Sprocket's column; Claes Lindblom's Panhead; Juha's 45; Joonas's Panhead; Paul Whitehurst's '38 Knuckle; Takeshi's Panhead; Brett's Sporty; Thomas's '59 Pan/Shovel; Roger's twisted Triumph; Tony's Panhead; Customs from Jamesville's Evo.
Available since: 13th February, 2013.

68 pages, full colour - Dr Sprockets column: Knucklehead - Frankino's '69 shovelhead (cover bike) - Jon Rispante's '66 Bonneville - Matt Barker's '69 shovel - Linda Norbergs '50 panhead - The Trip Out - Olav Kasbo's '42 WLA - Shop: Skullchopa - Steve Marshall's '68 XLCH - Virtuoso MC's '52 K-model chopper - LeBeef Kustoms-built model A pickup.
Available since: 7th December, 2012.

GKM 30:

68 pages, full colour - Dr Sprockets column: Long Beach - Cover star Alexs 47 WR special - Kuttys California Kush - From Germany: Kurt's 54 T110 - Emils 45 U - Malaysian marvel: Faizals genny Shovel - Just perfect: LeBeefs 51 Pan-Shovel - Lars 47 Knuck - Hard-ridden 45 from Oz: Dans WLA - Its a cracker Gak! 46 Knuck bobber from Tokyo - Born Free 4: the greatest show on Earth.
Available since: 17th October, 2012.

Stuff to spend your hard-earned on - Dr Sprocket's column: My friend Richard - Tim Kills U, all the way from Cockatoo! - Swedish class, Peters 46 Knucklehead - Redface Redskin: Daves 1940 Chief - Tetsus 44 Knuck, designed in Tokyo - The Castle Run, Denmark: beer & bikes - Knuck with a twist: Al Braffs 47 EL - The Joy of Choppers: Chuckies Shovel - Hip Honda from Finland: Teemus CB750 - Paul Whitehurst does it again: 52 T-bird - Bottrop 2012: What did you miss?
Available since: 12th June, 2012.

Dr Sprocket's column: Ruined in 1960s L.A. - Jeff Baers Dirty Nine Knucklehead - Itos 53 Panhead - Lucky Zip: S&S Knuck & an Ironhead! - Michael Barraganss 30 coupe: truly evil spirited - Lars 52 Pan: pure Swedish gold - Kevins 73 XLCH. But is it art? - Takes 65 Panhead... with teeth. - Lucas Joyners stunning 68 BSA - Inside Hawg Holic, one of Tokyos best known chopper shops
Available since: 12th June, 2012.

Grant Peterson's '78 Shovelhead (cover bike); a super-cool Panhead chopper from a member of Alcatraz MC in Sweden; ChopperLab's GKM Award-winning Panhead from Italy; a bad-to-the-bone Pan from Jason Parker in Toronto; Bill Mize's extraordinary '47 Knucklehead; Chubb's superbly-finished Shovel from the UK; Death Science Kyle's '77 Sportster; Ichiro's beautiful '37 ULH bob-job – one of two he owns; a lovely nickel-plated Triumph from England and Mochi's coverage of the Tokyo Breakfast Club's monthly meet....
Available since: 4th April, 2012.

Denis Babins VL-Panhead - Ryan Coxs 1968 TR6 - Hachs Knucklehead - Anthony Robinsons T100 - The 20th Mooneyes show (Yokohama) - English Don: the Taxis second coming - Two friends, Terry and Mike... two '37 big twin flatties - Karl Stehns 78 Bonnie chopper - Stuart Symonds 1975 Shovelhead - Spice Motorcycles' GKM Award-winning 44 Knuck, from Tokyo.
Available since: 18th February, 2012.

Andy Todd's TR6P ex-cop chop (cover bike) - Dave Barker's (of Speedmetal) 38 VL-Knucklehead - Swedish time capsule: Roland Lennestals 47 UL - Shins '38 Knucklehead - The 2011 Brooklyn Invitational - Kevin Prices 64 XLCH Sportster (the Penner Special) - Snow remembers Larry and the greatest magazine cover ever - Chops is a lazy dick - Joe and Cal's 52 Panhead - Bones Legacy's '64 BSA Hornet Digger - Trevor Wade's '76 Sportster
Available since: 1st December, 2011.

GKM recommends... stuff worth buying - Frank Kaisler: more from Maryland - Holy Moly! Steves T100Rs been around - Fast commuter: Lous stroker Shovel - Mike Ds as-raced 62 T120C - Calebs mile munching 76 Shovel - Bill Ray: Life magazine and the Angels - Hot Rod Hayride: draggin & drinkin - Pops Bangkok beauty: 55 Triumph - The Cutter: Bennys wild Sporty - A chopper with suspension? Akiras FXS - Gas Boxs black n beautiful Ironhead.
Available since: 7th October, 2011.

Frank Kaisler column: Maryland issue - Cover star: Milos 50 WR TT... thrashed, not stashed - Matts 59 Pan-Shovel: you like shrimp? - 79 XS650 tracker: Zip gets it airborne - Scottish Sport Scout: Steves hot rod Indian - Linkert Attacks! UK... cider n cycles - Pauls clean machine: 70 Shovel chop - Hidemo 68 Sporty: how H-D should have styled it - Born Free Three was like a dream... - Perfect paint: Yokohama Ironhead - When good luck turns bad: Joe Canos Pan - Loooow ride: Shauns 68 BSA.
Available since: 12th August, 2011.

Frank Kaisler's column: Petes studio - Jeff Leightons 68 shovel chopper - From Oz, Mark Austins UMG-based bob-job - Hawg Holic Gaks crusty 38 Knucklehead - Griffs S&S Panhead... Garage built! - Chop-job tribute: Dan Henkes 47 UL - Death Science Tims 61 Pan chopper - Pure (old) gold: Dan Collinss 58 Dodge Panel - Feel the Love: Ians Love Cycles-built 39 Knucklehead - From Tokyo, Nishis 48 Panhead - Jeremy Thomass swingin 1980 shovel.
Available since: 6th June, 2011.

The Frank Kaisler column: Lunchbox testing - Time's on my side: Damon Yorks Triumph (cover) - Yes, this was a raffle prize! The Born Free 2 Pan - Tasty: top notch Top Shelf Customs Shovelhead - Amazing 47/57 German Magnum bob-job - Rob White's '36/'46 Indian Chief bobber - Crazy daze: Tjebbes 76 Shovel - Petes GKM Project Triumph... finally revealed - The changing face of Mochis 62 Panhead - First bike, first build, first place in its first show: Keith's Evo Sporty - Tokyos fastest Shovel Rikiyas chop - Dads influence: Teachs Strange Brew Knucklehead.
Available since: 6th April, 2011.

Frank Kaisler: The Car Show - Hidemo.s .67 slabside Shovel (cover) (JAPAN) - Salinas Boy Aaron Elliott.s Honda (USA) - TKC.s .79 Shovel from Tokyo... night rider! (JAPAN) - The 2010 Mooneyes Show, Yokohama (JAPAN) - Cheap, but not nasty: Paul Whitehurst.s .72 Shovel (USA) - Bill Mize sets the bar again: .57 Pan (USA) - Pete Stansfield's Triumph Project (Pt.2) (UK) - Hard knock life: Renshaw Hiscox.s .46 FL (UK) - Dirty! Dan Plucinski.s .63 trackin. XLCH (USA) - Kurt Morrow & Ventura Motorworks - Bedwyr Evans.s mile-munching Panhead (UK).
Available:8th February, 2011.

The Frank Kaisler Column - Matt's '50 panhead - Kaz's '67 TR6 Triumph Trophy - Mike Soldano's '30 A coupe - Pete Stansfield's Triumph Project (Pt.1) - Spindle's EVO sportster chopper - Kevin Price's '74 sportster - Yoshiki's shovelhead chopper - Jamie Real's Triump pre-unit - Tyler Malinky's First Time At Bonneville - Snaphshot: Chopper Dave - Shulah Palmer-Jones' '81 Yamaha XS650.
Available:1st December, 2010.

Benny Thomas and his long-lost '51 EL Panhead - Jon Rispante's 'Blcak Bart' murdered-out Triumph - Dan Henke's amazing handbuilt '46 Knucklehead - Choppin' crusader Tom Rad's Trophy - The Hotrod Hayride - Matt Davis from DicE - Matt Jackson's '72 Shovel - Paul Whitehurst's WR/KR racer - CxTxM's Triumph chopper . Vise crew Nagoya style! - Calvin's '75 XLH - Joel Pippett's outlaw-influenced Shovel - Loran's Knucklehead.
Available:19th October, 2010.

Irish Rich - Dark Star Kustoms' "Merlin" flathead - David Borras's '69 Triumph T120R - Jason Parker's shovelhead - Born Free 2 show - Meatball's 2010 "Hell On Wheels" party - "Linkert Attacks" 2010 show - Kiyo's knucklehead - Dave Aliventi's barn-find Frisco-style panhead chopper - Yousuke's '56 panhead - Claudio's '59 panhead - Tim Martin's '71 Triumph - Fingers' Evo
Available since: 9th August, 2010.

Irish Rich confronts the parts pirates - Jeremiah and Love Cycles - Taku's Pan - Jake's Evo Sporty - Al Braff's '67 Triumph - Jeff Baer's '57 Panhead - Swiss shovel - Paul Whitehurst's VL/Knuck/Crocker special - Gak's Knuck - The English Don Story - Ali's Sporty.
Available since: 7th June, 2010.

11 Feature bikes and cars - Dean Micetich's '57 panhead (cover) - Buzz Munday's '42 Harley U - Chuck Eisel's '64 Triumph - Anthony Robinson's '53 panhead - Mooneyes Hot Rod Show (Yokahama 2009) - Derrek's 650 Triumph - Rolf's '31 A coupe - Cyrus' 1980 shovel - Jean-Claude's '41 WL - Gak's '51 panhead - Steve Venn's Dresda-Davidson - Mike Deutsch's '56 panhead.
Available since: 9th April, 2010

Mark Blanchette's '66 Bonneville chopper (cover bike) - Nobu's '52 Panhead - Paul Whitehurst's '56 Panhead - Chris Simmonds' '31 harley VL & '42 Indian Scout - Texas Dennis' '55 T110 - Kevin Baas' '47 Knucklehead - Norrtalje Custom Bike Show (Sweden) - Gianni's '48 HD - Brian Harlow's '58 Panhead - Ollie Moe's panhead - Indian Rally (Scotland) - Clay Rathburn's '62 Triumph Thunderbird.
Available since: 9th February, 2010

John Edwards' '52 Panhead - 2009 Born Free Vintage Bike Show - Andrew Lindloff's '67 Triumph - Sid Slattery's "Destiny Dragster - Boneshaker Choppers - Bart Verduci's '64/'67 Triumph TR6 - Lee's '82 Sportster and Steve's '73 Shovel - Nate's '64 Panhead - Rowan Manners & The 1970s Chopper Scene - Hajime's '54 FL - Photographer: Josh Korpius.
Available since: 1st December, 2009

Irish Rich: Metalflake - Pyramid Cycles - Trawler's Sporty - Eric "Rico" Parry's '55 Panhead - Denni's '50 FL - Mike Davis' '54 Triumph 6T - Hotrod Hayride - Jeff Baer's knucklehead "HydraBob" - Rod's '42 WLA - Matt Tobias '98 Sportster - Pete Stansfield's Triumph - Maru's '48 FL.
Available since: 17th September, 2009


Dan Carr's '39 knucklehead - BJ's Honda CB750 70's survivor chopper - Michael Nash's '68 Bonneville - Daz's supercharged Triumph flattracker - James Roper-Caldbeck's '47 knucklehead - Katsu's '73 XLH - Dermot Lynch's '64 Norton cafe racer - Doinksters - Trace Barnes' '71 Triumph T120RV - Roger Mune's '39 WLD.
Available since: 7th July, 2009

Go's S&S GT knucklehead (cover bike) - Swiss Mike's A roadster and '68 Triumph Bonneville - Woody's '37 Indian Chief bobber - Neil Fenton's Triumph - David Kendall's "TriBSA" - Nate's Yamaha XS650 - Jeff Baer's '47 knucklehead - Gray Mitchell's '69 XLCH - Michael Roe's Panhead chopper and Jason Horne's '64 GMC pickup - Alberto Venezia's '41 1200cc HD UL.
Available since: 4th March, 2009

Clay Rathburn's '58 BSA A10 (cover bike) - Tomoya Nagase's '42 knucklehead - Marin Hail's '71 XLCH - Josh Frazitta's '66 Triumph T100 - Andy Card's '80 Sportster - Case's '46 knucklehead - Jim Summit's story - Ryan Anderson's '29 A coupe - Steve Hatcher's '65 Sportster - Blaster's '59 Panhead - Jeff Baer's '39 WLD.
Available since: 11th December, 2008.

Nate's '72 H-D XLCH (cover bike) - Sinners Liberty bash - Jeff Baer's '46 knucklehead - Philip Van Geest's BSA - Linkert Attacks! 2008 (France) - Paul Gray's H-D chopper - Tattoo Mike's '49 Panhead & '46 Knucklehead - Ola Thorslund's Triumph - Billetproof 2008 (Florida) - Pete Hill's 103ci knucklehead - Egwa's '47 Indian Chief - Stuart Symonds' '67 Triumph "The Koffin Hopper" - Jamie Waddell's 'A modified - Jeremy Cupp's "TT Deluxe".
Available since: 4th September, 2008.

Irish Rich: The American 12-spoke wheel - Vic Martino's shovelhead - Mark Drew's '60 Panhead - Damon York's Triumph Thunderbird - UK Wall Of Death - Okun's FXWG chopper - Mike McGranahan's '64 BSA Lightning - Craig Spalding's '49 Panhead - Matt Joyce's Triumph Bonneville - Photographer: Adam Wright - Jack Flynn's '71 Triumph TR6 - John McEnaney's HD WL - Lorenzo's panhead.
Available since: 7th June, 2008.

Irish Rich: D&D Cycle - Joe Cano's Triumph Thunderbird - Damien Vassallo's Riviera - Mike Stobbe's Panhead - Project: Funky Flathead, Pt. 5: Paint - Hunnert Car Pile-Up 2007 - Mark Drews' '48 & '52 Triumphs - Scott Riddell'sBig Trip To Bonneville - Billy Hayden's '49 Panhead - Gak's '59 FL - Rob Spiteri's '50 Panhead - Danny's '28 Indian Scout - Garage Co's '40 knucklehead.
Available since: March, 2008.

Irish Rich talks Dick Allen - Robin Van Schijndel's '57 Panhead - Daz's triple triton - David Polgreen's Shovelhead (cover bike) - Project: Funky Flathead, Pt. 4: Checking the engine and box - OSsi Kivikkola's trad Triumph T10 Tiger chopper - Yuta Ono's "FTW" Knicklehead - James Dave Price's Shovelhead - 2007 Rat Day Run - Richiepan's Pan - French Kiss Kustoms' '77 Sportster - Brian Tomlinson's 1965 BSA A50 - Harley Jones' Model A pickup - Macka's '42 WLA.
Available since: 28th November, 2007.

Irish Rich talks Don Orr - Steve Uhl's '52 Panhead - Tony Blain's '34 Harley Bobber - Wesley's '76 shovel - Nate's '31 tudor - Project: Funky Flathead, Pt. 3 - Beatersville Car Show - Danny Takahashi's '41 knucklehead - James Cracknell's Moto Guzzi T3 cafe racer - Davide's '49 Panhead - Tsuyoshi's knucklehead - Cool chops in Daytona - Johnny Routledge's '42 WLC - Bryan's Wilson's BSA - Greasy Kulture's '55 Panhead.
Was Available since: 22nd August, 2007.

Bill Mize's '47 knucklehead - Ben Sol's '65 Sportster - Charlie Falzon's '55 F100 - Damien Vassallo's '65 Triumph chopper - Project: Funky Flathead, Pt. 2 - Mark Austin's 47 knucklehead bobber - Artist: Dan Brown - George Counes' knucklehead - Meatball's BBQ - Trent Schara's '66 shovel - Jeff Trigg's '58 Triumph.
Available since: 1st June, 2007.

Bill Mize's Evo chopper - Project: Funky Flathead, Pt. 1 - Randy Dugger's '67 BSA - Justin Munday's '61 Triumph "el Amante" - Jimmy Levold's Panhead - Hatch's Triumph Bonneville - Outback Flattrack: '68 Triumph - Pete's "Pig" and Stev's Royal Enfield - Mike Bennett's '47 knucklehead chopper - Baron's Speed Shop ("The Delinquent" and "The Zombie".
Available since: 11th March, 2007.

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