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Ironhead Sportster Tune & Service Manual DVD
"Big Twin 4-speed Transmission Rebuild with Frank Kaisler" DVD Video Workshop Manual.
Contents: Follow along and learn all of the skills you need to get miles and miles of trouble free shifting out of your big twin transmission.
In this installment of the Four Aces/Lowbrow Customs instructional video series for chopper nerds and restoration enthusiasts alike, Big Twin guru Frank Kaisler uses his 40 years plus experience to guide the viewer through a complete teardown and rebuild of a typical Harley Davidson four speed transmission. Frank has rebuilt countless transmissions and the novice or experienced rebuilder can benefit from this DVD.
As a bonus, Frank shows us how he reinstalls the transmission into the frame with proper shimming and alignment.

Shifter Fork Alignment

Running time: Over 3 hours and 20 minutes.
Format: ALL regions.
Price: AU$39, including GST and postage (Australia ONLY).
Available since: 16th of April, 2013.
Sorry, we've SOLD OUT of this one...and we've retired it.